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Front page content of Fashion Your Firefox collection


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Final content for the main "homepage" of FYF collections, with incorporated look-and-feel.

As a sidenote, the "fashionyourfirefox" url should redirect a user to wherever this is ultimately hosted on AMO.
Why does the fyf design look nothing like AMO?  Isn't this a departure from the original requirements?
I disagree that it doesn't look anything like AMO.  It borrow the colors/gradient from AMO.  The original requirements were that it could stand on it's own, but not look so radically different from either or AMO.  They are related to Boriss's original sketches on basecamp.

Do you have other specific feedback?  Also, would like to bring commentary about look-and-feel specific issues to basecamp so people not cc'd on this bug can see/build on your comment.
The psd is too big to attach to this bug, so you can grab it here:

ID: tuffgu2
Password: triangle2


The illustrator file is also there if necessary.
Which first run design is the "final" one - the two or three column one?
If the functionality for printing which add-ons you've selected in column 1 (in the 3 column design) hasn't been built, then we should go with the 2 column version above.

Check out Bug 463265 for the first-run specific pages.

Fred - can you comment here or in the first-run bug?
I'm going to comment over there shortly, since it's not the topic of this bug.
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Assignee: morgamic → neilio
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I need a copy of the font used in the mockups (Meta Normal, I think?) - can someone please get me this ASAP?
Should have the version of meta you're looking for.
Neil did make the HTML for this, and I am currently putting it into the page.
Assignee: neilio → fwenzel
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Has been pushed live last night.
Keywords: push-needed
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