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Better tracking of redirects and referrer in history tables


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actually from_visit holds the visit chain, but it's hard to get a referrer (or a somehow correct one) from it (recursive stuff). plus would be nice to be able to return a coming-from uri that is aware of redirects.
This could help with bug 320831 and with getting typed redirects.
Duplicate of this bug: 371005
Is this bug a resurrection of bug 392844? ;-)
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> Is this bug a resurrection of bug 392844? ;-)

somehow, won't probably be the real referrer but the first visit in the from_visit chain... even if i'm thinking if it would be possible to save the full from_visit chain for every visit since it's available when we save visits. That would be cool but could be slow to query.
How did the XPFE implementation do this? Would it be possible to port that bit?
Blocks: 420446
Blocks: 488968
actually, session is practically unused, we could reconsider it as an index to visit_chains

so from_visit points to the previous one, and session is the glue for all the visits. that would allow to query for the nearer visit that is in the same session and is not a redirect, that could be considered a somehow correct referrer.
Summary: add a somehow-correct referrer column to history table → Better tracking of redirects and referrer in history tables
>+    // TODO: We need to add a chain id to easily reconstruct chains without
>+    // having to recurse through the table.  We could reuse session eventually
>+    // since it's usage is not well defined.

or, even better, a separate closure table to track redirects would allow  to easily find all visits/pages related to a certain redirects chain.
Priority: -- → P3
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