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test_423060.xul fails on SeaMonkey (though the error is reported on test_428653.xul); and test_autocomplete2.xul can fail/leak too


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When SeaMonkey switched to using places, we discovered we suddenly had turned on test_423060.xul, which is a large structural mess in form of a testcase:
It tests a toolkit/components/feeds fix by using a browser/components/feeds feature and is living in toolkit/components/places - probably because it uses some other files that conveniently happened to already sit in places tests.

It must have been clear that this calls for problems - for one, in any config that uses places but not feeds, but even more, in any config that uses toolkit/ but not browser/ (which is the case SeaMonkey is running into here, as nothing says that chrome mochitests shouldn't be run with anything else than Firefox).

I see two options to clean this up:
1) move it to browser/components/feeds as it's heavily using browser-only code (which I'd prefer)
2) move it to toolkit/components/feeds as it tests a toolkit fix, and ifdef it out for SeaMonkey as long as that one doesn't provide web feed handlers

In both cases, we probably need to copy the demohandler and sample feed from places to the respective location.

I'm willing to do some work on this to get SeaMonkey fixed, but I'd need some advice on which direction to go.
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This patch moves this patch over into browser/components/feeds where the web feed handler stuff lives that is used as the base for the test.
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verified1.9.1, as the boxes do not report any of these errors


Ftr, see
*bug 468341 comment 22 for the exact error message.
 *afawk, intermittent test_autocomplete2.xul failure was only a side effect of this bug.
*bug 468341 comment 24 for why this bug error is reported on the next test.
Flags: wanted-firefox3.1?
Keywords: verified1.9.1
Summary: test_423060.xul fails on SeaMonkey → test_423060.xul fails on SeaMonkey (though the error is reported on test_428653.xul); and test_autocomplete2.xul can fail/leak too
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 3.1b3
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