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Am prompted to enter my password for my smtp email account.


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Build Identifier: Shredder nightly build for Thunderbird on both 1/16/09 and 1/17/09

Upon opening program, am asked to enter password for smtp email account. When I do, am then prompted to enter "overall security" password. If I do not, Shredder will not download email.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Shredder
Actual Results:  
Asked for security prompt

Expected Results:  
Downloaded mail without the asking for the password prompt
It is unlikely that you'll get asked for a password for an smtp account unless you have outgoing mail waiting. It is more likely a pop or imap account that you are being asked for.

With the overall security password do you mean the master password?

Please can you get a protocol log for the startup of Thunderbird and attach it to this bug, details of how to get it can be found here:

If you're not sure which protocols to log, then set NSPR_LOG_MODULES to "imap:5,smtp:5,pop3:5".
Component: Build Config → General
QA Contact: build-config → general
Reporter in addition to comment 1, are you using the password protect local cache function?
Regarding comment 1, you are right, sorry. I'm being asked for the password for a pop account. And yes, it's the overall security password that I'm next asked for.
Will send protocol in next message.  Thanks.
I am not using the password protect local cache function.
Please can you try today's nightly (20th Jan), there were some fixes checked in yesterday that may resolve your problem.
Have just downloaded today's (20 Jan) nightly. Still an issue. I'm now prompted for the "master password for the Software Security Device upon opening Thunderbird. Had been prompted for pop account password upon sending an email, now cannot sent at all.

Am sorry but could not get the protocol log. Will try again when time permits.

Thanks, Richard
Keywords: regression
Maybe, kind of Bug 474161? Look into 474161#c2
Richard, it sounds like you have a Master password set to protect your passwords. You should be able to turn this off by going into Preferences, followed by privacy and passwords, you should then be able to unset "Use a master password".
Mark, you were right in that I did have a Master password set. Weird thing was that I think a nightly version set it as I did not. So that issue is resolved per your instructions HOWEVER, I am still prompted to enter my SMTP password when attempting to send an email. Am running the nightly from 1/20. Thanks, Richard
Can you try an updated nightly build to see if it resolves the SMTP issue (a build after 23rd Jan)? There has been one additional fix recently, though I'm not sure if it will resolve your issue but it is probably worth a try.

If you are still prompted for your smtp password, can you try the following:

1) Enter password, and select to save it in password manager.
2) Go into preferences, select Privacy, followed by Saved Passwords.
3) In the list if it has saved it, you should have an enter something like "smtp://hostname/" with an appropriate username/password. Can you check to see if they are there and look correct?

If they aren't there, or if they are wrong, can you let us know the general format of your smtp hostname and username. Obscure them if you wish, but I need to check about anything that is not a letter of the alphabet or a number.
Blocks: 433316

I did try this in password manager before running a nightly build after Jan. 23. It didn't fix the problem. Unfortunately, as I've reported in another bug, I am not able to open the program at all since running nightly builds from Jan. 22.
Will keep you posted once this issue is resolved.

Resolving WFM as per bug 475171 comment 9 (same person).
Closed: 11 years ago
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