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Backport KompoZer to Composer


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(Reporter: sgautherie, Assigned: glazou)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)


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(Talked about this at FOSDEM'09.)

KompoZer (which is based on Nvu code) is currently built using Gecko 1.8.1 ... and would like to upgrade to Gecko 1.9.1.

SeaMonkey(/Composer) v2.0pre is currently developed using Gecko 1.9.1 ... and would be interested in bug fixes and new features from KompoZer.


Verbosio: An Extensible XML Editor Architecture
might be of interest too !?
Depends on: 477845
Forget about Verbosio for now, it's nowhere near ready.
Blocks: 413869
Blocks: 84303
Summary of EU MozCamp 2009 discussion:

KompoZer 0.8 should soon be available,
SeaMonkey 2.0 should soon be available,
after that, both teams should (be able to) work toward un-forking future KompoZer 0.9 and SeaMonkey 2.1 codes as much as possible.
As KompoZer's lead, I confirm I can start working on this as soon as bug 477845 is solved.
Blocks: 520901
No longer blocks: 520901
Blocks: 256570
What's the status here?
Shouldn't this be closed as WONTFIX in favor of backporting Blue Griffin ( Development of KompoZer effectively stopped in 2011 (, which is now nearly five years ago. The last stable release of KompoZer was 0.7.10, released in August 2007.

Ian: If this bug is indeed WONTFIX, then the block should be removed from 256570, I guess.
Composer isn't maintained anymore. Closing these bugs (no activity for a while)
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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