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Create "l10nTable" plugin to display data in new tiki l10n db table


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As described in <>, this new plugin will be the workhorse of defining and displaying the l10n data.

While most of the suggested functionality is defined in the above link, it's important to note that this plugin will have many display states (tables, unordered/ordered lists). Aesthetically, these will be defined via stylesheets only. This bug will also include the initial creation of these stylesheets.
We might want to consider calling this plugin something like "ArticleTable" since I can see this expand into listing the statuses of articles like "Edited, not yet approved", which applies to en-US articles as well.
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Current statuses are: "Translated", "Needs Translated", "Needs Review", "Needs Updated", "Needs Staging Page", "Unknown".

"Needs Updated" occurs when something marks an English translation as critical.

"Needs Staging Page" was added for when a translation exists, but a staging page has yet to be created. It's probably unnecessary, but it was a possible outcome of checking l10n statuses. 

"Unknown" occurs when something bad happens, but the library can recover gracefully. This *shouldn't* happen.

"Needs Staging Page" will probably be removed and the status of the KB page will just be used, which will result in a "Translated" or "Needs Updated".

Rewording or missing statuses?
I'm not sure if this will make it into the tree tonight (I'm still making sure the ol/ul works), but I wanted to show what the current version of the plugin looks like locally.

The CSS needs tweaked, I know. I just wanted it to look remotely close for the time being. 

I'll screens of ol/ul lists shortly.

David or anybody else, please feel free to drop thoughts. The plan is to have this on staging before or on Tuesday.
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> Created an attachment (id=366242) [details]
> Work in progress screeny

While this is using arbitrary articles I picked and put into a list, this is using real data for the l10n statuses (local). The only thing that's bogus is the page hits. 

I just wanted to make clear that the plugin is actually generating this table. ;)
Attached image Work in progress ol/ul
The ol/ul lists look like this currently. We didn't really talk about their appearances. One shows the score and status, one hides it. Both are sorted by the arbitrary priority I gave them, but they could easily be sorted alphabetically or by score.
Eric, go ahead and check this code in since it's separated from the other code so doesn't change anything. Laura will need to review the code before we push anything live.
What's the status of this? 

By the way, how are the actions (the link target) of the different statuses stored? For example, for "Needs review", we would like to link to the review page for that article, and for "Needs translation" we would link to the "Translate this page" page.

It seems like these different status targets should be configurable somehow (or just hardcoded, as long as we can change them if it turns out that a target for a specific status doesn't work out well).
The "action" links are hardcoded and already operate as you described.

As I mentioned in the sumo-dev email, I plan on having this in tonight.
This is in r23250 and r23251 on staging only. It's there simply so it can be tested the instant the tables are up. It'll be put into the prod branch after that.

Do *not* try to use it before then.

Marking as fixed to draw attention to the remaining portions of the release.
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Eric, do we have an ETA on getting the tables up on stage? Have you spoken to IT or filed a bug?

Can you please attach the required SQL?
SQL is attached to bug 481303, which is the bug for the tables' schema. I was waiting for a confirmation that we can request raw SQL to be run (also in bug 481303).
Eric, do you have a spec on how to use the plugin? I will need it for bug 484243.
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