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Firefox stops responding to mouse actions while using a Wacom Intuous 3 mouse.


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While using a Wacom Intuous 3 mouse with the current driver version, Firefox will stop responding to all mouse clicks. In some cases, text-boxes are still selectable, but tabs, menu items, tool bar items, and hyperlinks aren't. In other instances, web page items don't respond, but program interface items do. In all cases, mouse functionality returns after selecting another program, and then returning to firefox. Changing themes does not correct the problem. Keyboard shortcuts are unaffected.

Reproducible: Always
something to try = try clicking your mouse wheel on-off a few times (i.e., the middle button) and/or open your mouse control panel, change the mouse wheel settings, and save the new settings. why? read these 2 bug reports: 

From:  Bug 465259 -  firefox randomly stops responding to mouse clicks  
  -------  Comment #2 From  Brandon Mitchell   2009-07-16 13:34:11 PDT  -------

I experienced this issue yesterday for the first time, after upgrading from FF3
to FF3.5 a few weeks ago, and I believe (but am not certain) that I was able to
fix the problem by middle clicking on the scrollbar to activate and then
deactivate autoscroll. (Actually I used an AutoHotkey mapping of the left
Windows key to the middle mouse button; I don't have a mouse and my touchpad
doesn't have a middle button.) Today I have been unable to reproduce the
phenomenon. On the one hand, I wish I knew how to reproduce this bug; on the
other hand I sincerely hope that I don't encounter this nasty business again.

Based on my reading of support forum pages (first two of the three URLs pasted
below), I wildly conjecture that this might possibly be related to the middle
mouse button somehow. Some posters have suggested that it is due to a driver
problem or a mechanical problem such as a stuck middle mouse button, but
posters also point out that the problem seems to be specifically related to
Firefox 3.x software. One person (see third URL pasted below) claims that he
still had the problem after installing a new mouse.

There are at least two or three other
bugs that might be duplicates of this one: Bug 442572, Bug 451116, Bug 483254.

From:  Bug 450735 -  Firefox doesn't respond to mouse clicks on links and buttons  
  -------  Comment #3 From  Martin   2008-08-18 10:24:10 PDT  -------

I have solved the problem for myself. It was not a bug, but a mechanical
problem. Nevertheless Firefox is the only browser that seemed to be affected:

My middle mouse button was not working. I realized that, when I opened Excel
and found the program selecting multiple cells as if I kept pressing the left
mouse button.

I opened my mouse and found that the little mechanical transmitter for the
middle mouse button (wheel)was jammed. I released it and now everything works
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Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-12-01]
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