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Facebook crashes with flash [@ NPSWF32.dll@0x96330]


(External Software Affecting Firefox :: Flash (Adobe), defect)

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(Reporter: cww, Assigned: msintov)



(Keywords: crash, qawanted)

Crash Data

Component: General → Plug-ins
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: general → plugins
This may also be related to the crash in bug 472009 as a few of those bug reports mention facebook.
Keywords: qawanted
Well, what version of flash are they using?
The only crash report I could find in those threads was bp-ff33bdc0-a5a3-452f-99be-ab9122090312.
May be cool to find out if all are the same sig. New profile is also cool. So, not sure.
Summary: Facebook crashes with flash → Facebook crashes with flash [@ NPSWF32.dll@0x96330]
Assignee: nobody → msintov
Keywords: crash
Likely all using 10 r 22.  I'll go through them to find out but that's by far the most common.

BtwVdpCapFilter.dll google says causes crashes in Flash and I can see a new facebook app that may be trying to use your webcam and leading to crashes.  Just random speculation.  (see bug 472009)
Looks like a range of Flash versions from 9r115 to 10r22 ... nothing in common really. is the most helpful one it seems and it mentions webcams and facebook.

This may be a related issue, it seems to happen when an animation/block of some sort occurs on top of a flash window.
Any chance you have a bluetooth video camera or are running on a sony notebook.  Can you search for BtwVdpCapFilter.dll on your hard drive and try to locate the crash logs by following the instructions attached.
See if this driver update from Sony fixes your problems?
Duplicate of this bug: 510813
Still waiting for more information from the reporter.  We have not been able to reproduce this bug internally.
I see this on a newly-installed CentOS 5.3, with firefox 3.0.14 and flash 10.0, on an x86_64.  The result is a system freeze wih blinking keyboard LEDs after a few minutes of poking around Facebook.

Curiously, the same configuration on an i386 box is perfectly happy at FB.

One other element:  on the x86_64 box, I'm running 32-bit firefox, so as not to have to worry about wrapping proprietary plugins (like flash).

It happens irrespective of whether a webcam is installed.

Willing to be guided in testing.
Component: Plug-ins → Flash (Adobe)
Product: Core → Plugins
QA Contact: plugins → adobe-flash
Crash Signature: [@ NPSWF32.dll@0x96330]
Posters, are you able to reproduce that crash?
Can you provide a recent crash report?
I'm closing a lot of bugs which are filed as Adobe Flash bugs which are either irrelevant, not actionable, or not serious enough to track in the Mozilla bug tracker. For the most part, Flash bugs should be filed in Adobe bugbase, and we'll only track a few highly-critical issues in the Mozilla tracker.
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