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xpcshell-tests: replace head files by setup functions & imports?


(Testing :: XPCShell Harness, enhancement)

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(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 1 open bug, )


While reviewing bug 384339, Jeff wrote (iirc):
frankly, if I were to do it again I'd not have head/tail files; you get a setup function and a teardown function, and you put whatever you want in them (or not define them if not necessary)
and you could load files if you wanted to keep common functionality separate
make the dependencies explicit, not implicit by location
that's long-term, not for now
Depends on: 503613
Bug 503613 has removed the tail file functionality, so updating title.

I agree with comment 0 that it'd be good to make the dependencies explicit, this would be especially good for helping eslint to work better. For that, I think we really need bug 1308512 to give us a better module/file import system.
Depends on: 1308512
Summary: xpcshell-tests: replace head+tail files by setup+teardown functions → xpcshell-tests: replace head files by setup functions & imports?
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