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[silme] Release Silme 0.7


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This is a tracker bug for Silme 0.7 release.
Depends on: 465861
Adding a list of *potential* candidates for 0.7.

I'm aware not all of this will make its way to 0.7, but would like to have the list in that form so that anyone can pick up any of those bugs and will get my support to have them for 0.7.

Please, also bare in mind that we're looking for short_name proposals and I'm becoming confident that it's now-or-never - I'd prefer not to make any API changes to that scale post 0.7.

So feel free to add your suggestions to
Stefan, Adrian: if you have any nominates, please, list them now.

I'm going to start rolling API changes over the weekend (after silme 0.5.1 release)
Depends on: 466929
No longer depends on: 451654
Depends on: 496359
Depends on: 497196
Status update before API freeze:

* bug 451648 - may slip till 0.8. Not high priority, no heavy use cases
* bug 458302 - not sure yet. It'll probably be move to post-API-freeze phase since we have all we need for this.
* bug 458444 - very likely to slip.
* bug 465861 - have patch, will land
* bug 466929 - have patch, will land
* bug 475377 - post-API-freeze
* bug 485731 - not sure yet.
* bug 491715 - post-API-freeze
* bug 491904 - may slip till 0.8. Low priority
* bug 496359 - have patch, will land
* bug 497196 - have patch, will land

All in all it means we have four patches waiting, sorted out the repository split, L10nPackage moved from silme.core.object to silme.core.package and entity processing support.

One thing that is not clear yet is what we'll do with API changes from this wiki: .

I only got feedback from Adrian, and we're both not sure how it should look like... so it either will slip till 0.8 or I have a very creative weekend.
I did comment on the naming conventions on irc, copied the essential pieces onto the wiki.
(In reply to comment #3)
> so it either will slip till 0.8 or I have a very creative weekend.

It would be better to have naming convention (and all other "front-end") changes in 0.7/as soon as possible/without unneeded delay.
Stef: I know... can I get your feedback on that wiki page? :)
Depends on: 498915
Depends on: 499145
Depends on: 501041
removing the stuff that clearly missed this release.
No longer depends on: 451648, 458302, 458444, 475377
No longer depends on: 491904, 496359
0.7 is flying. 0.7.1 is on its way and 0.8 is somewhere at the end of the tunnel. :)
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