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Zoom menu applies to the message pane rather than the browser in the selected tab


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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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Now we have fixed bug 493700, we should be able to get menu options for per-tab specific functions.

The View -> Zoom functions currently only work for the message pane, not an iframe or browser in a different tab. We should fix this as some people may want to enlarge the text on What's New or about:rights to read it comfortably.
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I knocked this up last night. The only bit I'm currently concerned about is the change from iframe to browser - need to work out what whether we need to add more attributes disabling various items or not.
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Attached patch The fixSplinter Review
This patch fixes zoom and find to work with the content pane. Notes:

- I've switched the iframe to a browser and disabled the items I think we need to disable.
- We now toggle between content-targetable and content-primary for both the messagepane and browser elements in the content pane. This means that I've also changed GetMessagePaneFrame to get the messagepane rather than just window.content.
- The ZoomManager requires a "getBrowser" function. Therefore I've inserted an appropriate function into tabmail to allow that to work across different tabs without having to set a global variable.

Minor outstanding issues:

- The find option in the menu is called "Find in this Message".
- The find bar isn't shared with the one in the message pane. So the value for find again isn't shared between message pane and content tabs.
- The zoom options don't get disabled consistently for calendar, this is due to the way they override how we build our menus.

I think the first two issues can be dealt with later in follow up bugs, and the last one needs a bug raising on Lightning.
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The fix

Looks really really good, so of course it's nitting time!

>+   <commandset id="viewZoomCommands"
>+                   commandupdater="true"
>+                   events="create-menu-view"
>+                   oncommandupdate="goUpdateMailMenuItems(this);">

That's some mighty funky indenting :)

>+  // We must use the message pane element direct here, as other tabs can

Checked in with nits addressed:
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