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Marks folders as read only marks first folder


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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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In the tree view selecting two or more folders to mark as read only marks the first folder.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Select 2 or more folders with unread mail in tree view ( I didn't use inbox subfolders)
2. Right click, select mark folders as read

Actual Results:  
First folder is marked correctly, other folders are unchanged

Expected Results:  
All selected folders should be marked as read

As an aside it would be nice to have a delete folders in this context too.
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Brian is this a regression , did it used to work in older versions ?
Ever confirmed: true
> Brian is this a regression , did it used to work in older versions ?

I only noticed this feature yesterday, it didn't work then & it doesn't on the latest nightly. FYI I use IMAP.
the regression is that we allow multiple folder selection in the folder pane. We didn't used to, and the backend doesn't support applying commands to multiple selected folders.
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Apparently i didn't missed this in bug 296655.

The patch i have fixes the obvious issue, but there's some occacional funkiness if the remote count isn't up to date... bug 243029, also the problems in bug 240209 for news...
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proposed fix

how about let folders...?

This has the potential to lock up the ui if the user selects a bunch of large folders and does this, but that should be pretty rare.
changeset:   2878:ddb48960e0ac

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