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selection of multiple mailboxes/folders in the folders pane is possible but not usable


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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [b3ux][m6])


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The folders pane in Thunderbird that lists my e-mail accounts and local folders
does not allow me to select several folders at once. For instance I should be
able to click on my James folder to select it, shift-click on my John folder to
select it without deselecting the James folder, and then drag them *both* into
my Friends folder. Currently I have to do this one at a time.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Click on a local folder
2. Shift-click on a different local folder

Actual Results:  
The first folder is deselected. 

Expected Results:  
Kept both selected. 

Possibly there's a difference here between shift and command-clicking (on a
Mac). Shift click should perhaps select everything between the clicked folder
and the currently selected folder. Command-clicking normally selects only the
folders you explicitly click on. Possibly there are other conventions on other
platforms for multiple selections. But multiple selections should be possible,
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Suite bug 50767.
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This is highly-desirable in my opinion. I would like to see this implemented for easier management of RSS subscriptions.
I would love to see this closed, and also dragging up and down the folder pane much faster.
QA Contact: front-end
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Depends on: 50767
This is pretty basic stuff. It's been a bit of a showstopper when migrating Outlook users over to Thunderbird since heavy users often have tons of folders to organise their emails. 

Importing their mail just dumps these folders into Local Folders and then they can't be re-organised in their inbox without going through them all one-by-one, which is just silly.
On latest trunk multiple folders can be selected but there is completely no benefit of it: on drag and drop only 1 folder is moved, CM shows only 3 entries (open, open in new tab, properties) and even they are useless ;) (nothing happens / empty tab).

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blocking‑thunderbird3 ?

Multiple selection should be either useful or not possible at all.
Flags: blocking-thunderbird3?
Adjusting description.
Summary: Can't select multiple mailboxes in the folders pane → selection of multiple mailboxes in the folders pane is possible but not usable
Marking as regression as in 2.0 you couldn't select more than one folder at a time.
Keywords: regression
Would be great if someone went through and made context commands work where it should, but at the very least we should make commands unavailable when they won't work anyway. blocking-tb3+ to at least get the minimal fix in.
Flags: blocking-thunderbird3? → blocking-thunderbird3+
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 3.0rc1
Magnus, care to own this bug?
Component: Mail Window Front End → Folder and Message Lists
QA Contact: front-end → folders-message-lists
Sure, though if someone want's to take it on it's up for grabs.
Assignee: nobody → mkmelin+mozilla
Target Milestone: Thunderbird 3.0rc1 → Thunderbird 3.0b3
Summary: selection of multiple mailboxes in the folders pane is possible but not usable → selection of multiple mailboxes/folders in the folders pane is possible but not usable
Whiteboard: [b3ux]
Whiteboard: [b3ux] → [b3ux][m3]
I'll put this up for m5 since it's not active right now
Whiteboard: [b3ux][m3] → [b3ux][m5]
Whiteboard: [b3ux][m5] → [b3ux][m6]
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The items that I think make sense for multi select:

Get Messages
 o if only servers, or it's only newsgroups/feeds
 o though I question that we should have this item *at all*
Open in new Tab
 o if it's newsgroups only
 o would have been useful, but the confirmation dialogs are not in js, we have multiple delete models etc so i gave up and just disabled it for multi selection
Mark Folder/s Read
Mark Newsgroup/s Read

Other notes:
 - hitting delete on ng to unsubscribe was broken (confirmUnsubscribe vs ConfirmUnsubscribe)
 - new saved search wasn't enabled for news - but you can create one
 - moving away from GetSelectedMsgFolders() to gFolderTreeView.getSelectedFolders()

Still to do (maybe in another bug...):
 - fix tools menu folder commands
 - drag'n'drop (disable for multi?)


Phil: got bandwidth for this?
Attachment #374607 - Flags: review?(philringnalda)
Attachment #374607 - Flags: ui-review?(clarkbw)
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proposed fix

Looks good to me, except

>+   * Compacts either or all folders for accounts that the given folders belong
>+   * to, or for accounts of the currently selected folders.

That's hard enough to parse even without the stray or in "either or" ;)
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proposed fix

sounds good from the description
Attachment #374607 - Flags: ui-review?(clarkbw) → ui-review+
I was going to add the checkin-needed keyword but you probably want to fix the nits first
Whiteboard: [b3ux][m6][needs ui-r:clarkbw] → [b3ux][m6]
changeset:   2593:2f6ef8daa83e


Note to testers: now that this landed the commands of the folder context menu should work for multiple folders, if the are shown (and enabled). There's a lot of different possible combinations of folders/servers of different kinds possible so it would be good if people could make sure all cases work as they should for them.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 492723
Depends on: 492964
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