httpd.js on windows mobile does not server webpages to unit tests



9 years ago
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9 years ago
This works on maemo just fine, but on windows mobile I have not been able to get xpcshell or mochitest to retrieve webpages accessed on http://localhost:<port>/<path>.

What I experience is no errors in the console where xpcshell.exe is running -f <path>/httpd.js, but my test sits there waiting for data to return.

After putting httpd.js in debug mode (debug=true at the top of the file), I see this:
*** onSocketAccepted(socket=[xpconnect wrapped nsIServerSocket], trans=[xpconnect wrapped (nsISupports, nsISocketTransport, nsITransport, nsIDNSListener)])
>>> new connection on
*** opening new connection 7 on port 51792
*** starting connection 7

What I don't see is the OnSocketAccepted message that I would expect to see (as seen on a desktop build of fennec).

I looked into debugging xpcshell/xul by looking at NSPR_LOG_MODULES environment variable but was unsucessful in getting output to a file or debug console.  Additionally, I put OutputDebugStringW and printf statements in a few functions like OnSocketAccepted and OnSocketReady without seeing output in the debug console.


9 years ago
Depends on: 491903

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9 years ago
I have this running on a remote host serving pages over the network to the device.

There is a lot of work to make this happen (as outlined in my blog post about it:  I would still like to see a solution to running on the device itself.


9 years ago
Blocks: 507410, 493748
No longer depends on: 491903
You need to ask Waldo about what to look at. It's possible that httpd.js or xpcshell is making assumptions that fail on WinCE.
If you're getting the "starting connection" message, I wonder if the asyncWait for data from the socket is failing, or perhaps being swallowed when all the requested data is available immediately without any wait.  If that's the case, the value of |input.available()| after the |input.asyncWait| call might be informative.

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7 years ago
WinCE/WinMo support has been removed from the main build system, spidermonkey, mobile installer, in-app updater and so on (see bug 614720, bug 554087 and all their dependants). Until such point where MS decide to release a Windows Phone 7 NDK and the decision is made to port to that platform, this is WONTFIX.

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