Update theme icon.png and preview.pngs for 3.0

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Thunderbird 3.0rc1
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10 years ago
The theme files icon.png and preview.png provide an icon that's shown in the list of themes in the addon manager, and a preview of the theme when it's selected. 

icon.png should be something recognizably in the style of the theme, to let the user quickly pick it out of a list. Ideally, we would consistently use something from the main toolbar that will always be present and strongly themed, like Firefox's use of the Reload button. Instead, judging by old releases, we decided to mostly sort-of use new-mail-alert.png, and then haven't, really. For qute and gnomestripe, we use a generic straight-on closed envelope, rather than the perspective, very older-Qute-styled opened envelope that they use for new-mail-alert.png, and for pinstripe, we use the Reload button from Firefox 1.5, which is a particularly horrible choice.

We should either redo all three new-mail-alert.pngs so that they are strongly and recognizably in the style of the current themes, and use them for all three preview.pngs, or decide that they were a bad choice, switch to something like the Write icon, and switch the preview.pngs.

For the preview.pngs, we need to do three things:

* ensure that they are of the current theme, not a past version (qute) or another theme (gnomestripe, since it's just a copy of qute's)

* ensure that they don't display icons that we plan on removing from the toolbar

* ensure that they don't trip over bug 509242 by making them all less than 220px wide: currently the pinstripe image is particularly badly horizontally compressed
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Comment 1

10 years ago
for icon.png - Firefox (on windows and linux at least) use a variant of the theme category icon here (in the style of the theme) to indicate that's it's the default. The inbox icon could also work.

for preview - maybe something not showing the actual widgets, but only the four icons (inbox, write, address book and history) associated with the theme. Like Firefox does too :)

Comment 2

10 years ago
The only tricky part about this one is that I wasn't able to find a preview.png in the jar.nm file so I could special-case preview-aero.png
Any idea how that one works?

Comment 3

10 years ago
Yeah, that was bug 509194, they aren't jarred up anymore, so you can't have separate ones.

Curiously enough, Fx wasn't bothering with separate preview.pngs anyway, even before when they could: I *think* that their preview is of the -aero version, but since the primary difference for them is just color, and they took the color out of the preview, I'm guessing based on the width and sharp corners of the stop button. Unfortunately, Archive Delete and maybe Junk are the closest we have to icons that only differ in color, and it would be pretty weird to do a preview of things that aren't on the toolbar by default.

Comment 4

10 years ago
Preview for XP/Aero

Comment 5

10 years ago
Posted patch updated patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
using the combined xp/aero preview image in the comment above.
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Comment 7

10 years ago
Somebody remind me that this bug isn't done until we fix icon.png, too, because otherwise I'll forget.

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10 years ago
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Comment 9

10 years ago
Comment on attachment 403623 [details] [diff] [review]
updated patch with icon.png

Looks good, thanks.
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10 years ago
Closed: 10 years ago
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