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Add help for the anti virus and scam preferences in the MailNews Preferences UI


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Bug 463249 Added UI to the Preferences window to control the mailnews phishing and antivirus preferences. (Edit->Preferences->Mail & News->Junk & Suspect Mail)

Note the "Junk Mail" pane is now "Junk & Suspect Mail"
This patch:
* Makes relevant changes to reflect new prefs in Junk & Suspect Mail pref panel.
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Add help for suspect mail patch v0.1

Note: Resetting review flag simply because I'd like to have another look at an updated patch (so no blank +) but nothing's really wrong here either (so no -). Once the patch is obsolete the flag would go away anyway.

>+  <a href="#junk_and_suspect_preferences">Junk &amp; Suspect Mail preference
>+  panel</a> for account-independent settings and the account manager's 

Nit: trailing whitespace

>+<h2 id="junk_and_suspect_preferences">Mail &amp; Newsgroups Preferences - 

Nit: trailing whitespace

> <ul>
>   <li><strong>When I manually mark messages as junk</strong>: Choose this to
>     set what you want &brandShortName; to do when you manually mark messages
>     as Junk.

This has not been changed by the bug we're documenting here but there actually is no "manually" in the interface here, either that part of the panel changed without a Help update or it was wrong all along. :-/ While we're here, can you update that part as well (also "Mark messages as read" and its checkboxes) please?

>         <rdf:li> <rdf:Description ID="mail_prefs_general" nc:name="Mail and Newsgroups" nc:link="mail_help.xhtml#mail_and_newsgroups"/> </rdf:li>

>+        <rdf:li> <rdf:Description ID="mail-prefs-junk" nc:name="Junk and Suspect Mail" nc:link="mail_help.xhtml#junk_and_suspect_preferences"/> </rdf:li>

>         <rdf:li> <rdf:Description ID="mail_prefs_offline" nc:name="Network and Storage" nc:link="mail_help.xhtml#network_and_storage_preferences"/> </rdf:li>

Looking at the Contents sidebar in the Help window I see that the previous section, Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings, mostly uses &amp; in its subsection names (but not the section itself). I think it's better to reflect what the Preferences window actually shows so please change "and" to "&amp;":
- Mail &amp; Newsgroups Account Settings (the section, while we're here...)
- Mail &amp; Newsgroups
- Junk &amp; Suspect Mail
- Network &amp; Storage

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Changes since v0.1:
* Removed unneeded whitespaces.
* Changed ands to &s.
* Revised Junk Mail part of help.
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Add help for suspect mail and fixup junk help patch v0.1a [Checkin: Comment 4]
Attachment #403360 - Attachment description: Add help for suspect mail and fixup junk help patch v0.1a → Add help for suspect mail and fixup junk help patch v0.1a [Checkin: Comment 4]
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