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two tabs of Migration Assistant on first start of update from TB2 to TB3


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, defect)

Windows XP
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two tabs of Migration Assistant on first start of update from TB2 to TB3 using nightly 20091015 (mom's PC). Tabs:
1) pop inbox
2) Mig asst
3) what's new
4) Mig asst

I didn't attempt to reproduce, so leaving this unconfirmed. I have the original profile for debugging purposes.

I've not seen this on any of my other PCs so, speculation, I thinking this might have been triggered in part by a theme that is not rated for TB3.  I restarted with default theme and all was well.
Wayne did something show in the Error console ?
nothing in error console
FYI, users in our organization are experiencing duplicate Migration Assistant tabs upon first start up after migrating from TB2 to TB3. In testing, we saw either 1, 2, 4, or 6 Migration Assistant tabs. Users are running XP SP2 or SP3. We thought it might have to do with migrating multiple accounts but that doesn't seem to be the case. I personally migrated 4 accounts and only got one tab. Another user with multiple accounts got multiple tabs. Another user with a single account got multiple tabs.

I don't report many bugs so I don't know what other information might be helpful.
blake, ... 

(In reply to comment #3)
>  Another user with a single account got multiple tabs.

hey there Northern neighbor!

serendipity ... I saw this yesterday when I migrated someone from 2.x to 3.  (but multiple accounts in the profile)
Hey Lehigh!

Just another comment related to the original bug report...I don't think this is related to themes. In one case where this occurred it was a test machine that had not previously had Tb installed. We downloaded TB2, set up a single account, then downloaded TB3 and went through the upgrade process. So, there wouldn't have been any alternate themes that would have caused this.
Dan saw this also, testing 3.1 with 2.x profile
Err, TB3.1 no longer has a tab, do you mean there are two dialog boxes opening?
During bug 569161, I've tested various 2.0->3.1 migrations without seeing this.
I should rephrase - perhaps what we saw is unrelated to this bug, and Dan will have to fill in the blanks.  It looked different, but we saw two tabs which is a symptom of this bug here ...

We went through the migration process in the foreground dialog - not a tab. At some point (and I hope Dan can fill in the rest here), we saw two what's new and two Mig Asst in tabs.  I don't recall if that was after we restarted Thunderbird, or immediately after we closed the migration assistant.

The two migration asst tabs were blank I think (no content) except for the 3 dialog buttons Previous Next Close.
I believe it was before we restarted TB, but after finishing the dialog.  Actually the tabs appeared empty if I remember correctly, with just a close button on the bottom.  I think I clicked that and got some sort of XML error.  I restarted TB and it came up fine.
I'm going to attempt to read blake's mind a call this wontfix
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We still have 8% of our users on 2.x, and hopefully they'll upgrade _sometime_, so I think we should probably leave this open.  (Although I'll admit that I'm unlikely to have the time to work on it.)
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
Mass-close of migration assistant bugs. The migration assistant has been removed in Thunderbird 15 (bug 735524) as it was no longer necessary.

Thunderbird 10 esr is the only currently supported version that still has the migration assistant, but that will be unsupported in about 7-8 weeks, and any issues with the migration assistant won't be fixed for TB 10 esr anyway.
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