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Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.20


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It's not out yet, but when it's out, we'll need it!
Shawn, any estimation when they release? If it would be a longer time we should disable the failing test, it fails quit often and people frequently reference logs.
I've been told by the SQLite developers that they want to figured out a top crash that we are seeing (bug 523405) and then it'll be a few days of testing before release.  So, sometime in November.
Note that we'll be taking SQLite on mozilla-central before this.  That is being tracked in bug 525539.
Current sqlite included on mozilla-central has unaligned accesses, which looks like are fixed on 3.6.18.
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Mozilla changes for this.
Pushed this to the try server to make sure all is well.
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Try server checked out OK.  Will push this to mozilla-central tomorrow.
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This gets us stability fixes in SQLite, so I think we want this for 1.9.2.  It's also much nicer to the SQLite developers to say "hey, we are seeing this crash" and have code that isn't older than 6 months old.  This makes crash killing easier for them.
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approval1.9.2 requests aren't currently being monitored, since we're nearing RC freeze and there are too many outstanding requests, so I'm clearing this request. Feel free to re-request approval if you are confident that it's worth drivers' time to consider whether this non-blocker needs to land for 1.9.2 at this stage.
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Alias: SQLite3.6.20
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