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support animation of CSS gradient values in nsStyleAnimation


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We should support animation of CSS gradient values (i.e., -moz-linear-gradient, -moz-radial-gradient) in nsStyleAnimation.

There's still some open debate on how animation of gradients should work.

(I don't have work in progress on this, but I'm trying to get bugs filed on animation/transition work that should happen for 3.7.)
See also bug 536541 on SVG gradients.
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Gradient interpolation is now defined by the spec:
/me want to help.

But i do not know where to start.

I need to animate the -moz-radial-gradient.
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In this test case[1]:

* IE10 has supported gradient animation.
* Chrome and Safari has supported image animation(Like cross-fade()[1]).
* Firefox at least should do a simple transition(direct display of different images), rather than nothing.

Related animation how to calculate the spec here[2], The current spec is already CR.

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