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Update about:license for Camino (2.1 from 1.9.2, and mozilla-central)


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Another placeholder, but our license updates (Bug 495620, Bug 523051 - MAAttachedWindow, Breakpad and Growl updates; Initial Developers) for 2.0 only landed in CVS.

We'll need to make sure to include these, plus any new licenses and initial developers, before shipping 2.1 from 1.9.2.
License police are doing a round of license checking right now, so we may as well report the crime of all of our Initial Developers being removed, as well as needing these updates, get things fixed now, and then do a follow-up, if needed, before we ship.
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This is a patch against 1.9.2 that does two things:

1a) Restores Camino Initial Developers removed in bug 497103 (when there was no camino Hg repo to run relic against),

1b) Adds Camino Initial Developers later added on 1.9.0 in bug 523051, and

1c) Adds Christopher Henderson, who's become an Initial Developer since our last update

(all of these generated by running relic against a current and then sanity-checking that against the commits for those two bugs to look for missing persons); and 

2) Adds the Camino license additions/changes from bug 495620.

Our first dogfoodable 1.9.2 nightlies are going out in the morning, so combined with the recent "list all 3rd-party licensed code" work, that seems like as good a reason as any to get these updated in 1.9.2 now (also, the approvals window is just slowly opening, so the odds are good).

We'll do another check of licenses and Initial Developers before the Camino release off of 1.9.2, too, but I'd strongly prefer to get these changes in now and not let them be part of some additional accumulation in which sanity-checking what's missing from before becomes even more difficult.

mozilla-central will need a separate patch; at the moment we don't yet compile there.  I'm of two minds about this; one says "don't bother, because you don't compile there yet (and the initial developers will just be removed again when Firefox 4 ships), while the other is "I'm tired of having to fix the same problems over and over when we move to a new branch, having done such a thing now for several other parts of code".  Gerv, what would you suggest for this part?
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> mozilla-central will need a separate patch; at the moment we don't yet compile
> there.

We will build there imminently, so I'll work up a patch for that soon-ish, too.
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Patch for mozilla-1.9.2

Sorry this has taken so long. Please do a trunk patch also, as you have suggested, as I don't like the two getting out of sync if we can avoid it.

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Gerv, here's the mozilla-central version of the previous patch (it's basically just context changes around the various changes; there are no different Camino additions/changes).
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Summary: Update about:license for Camino 2.1 from 1.9.2 → Update about:license for Camino (2.1 from 1.9.2, and mozilla-central)
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Patch for mozilla-1.9.2

Requesting approval; this change to update about:license for missing Camino Initial Developers and third-party code licenses is required for license compliance.
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mozilla-central patch checked in:

Since this is Core code, moving this bug to Trunk and marking FIXED; we'll track it like a Core bug to make sure approvals/flags are all halāl.
Closed: 10 years ago
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Version: 1.9.2 Branch → Trunk
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Patch for mozilla-1.9.2

a=LegNeato for Please land this on mozilla-1.9.2 default.

Code freeze is this Friday @ 11:59 pm PST.
verified with: Camino Version 2.1a1pre ( 20100625004649)
(gecko rev:

about:license is up to date
Keywords: verified1.9.2
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