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Push SUMO 1.5.4 on Tuesday 11 May


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(Whiteboard: 05/11/2010 @ 4pm)

Since we've still got the Kitsune half of things up and running from Thursday, this one should be shorter. Let's plan on 2 hours of downtime to be safe.

* Need the outage page again for the database conversion process.
* Note symlinks and NFS mounts.
* Grab a database dump before starting conversion.
* Convert the database to UTF-8. (Attachment 443825 [details] [diff]) (~30-45 minutes)
* Update Kitsune (git) to tag 2.0.3.
* `./ syncdb`
* SVN switch to 1.5.4[1].
* `cp scripts/minify/minify.conf.php.dist scripts/minify/minify.conf.php`
* Run webroot/
* Update Sphinx configuration from the 1.5.4 tag.
* Reindex Sphinx.
* Verify that symlinks/NFS mounts are unchanged.
* Flush Zeus and memcache.

In the event of a problem with the 1.5.4 app, rather than reverting the database, we should first try rolling back to version[2], which is just 1.5.3 updated to work with the UTF-8 database.

I think that's everything. Will append here if we realize we missed something.

[1] 1.5.4:

[2] (emergency only)
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Whiteboard: 05/11/2010 @ 4pm
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Is kitsune going to run at / or?
Assignee: jeremy.orem+bugs → thardcastle
Whiteboard: 05/11/2010 @ 4pm → 05/13/2010 @ 4pm
(In reply to comment #1)
> Is kitsune going to run at / or?

Kitsune is running at /k. Since it's already running, the WSGI configuration shouldn't need to change.
DB conversion went well! Started around 16:00, finished around 16:23.
Ran into a problem with doing the SVN switch to 1.5.4, here's how I fixed it:
# svn switch
svn: Directory 'webroot/img/wiki_up/.svn' containing working copy admin area is missing
# readlink webroot/img
# rm webroot/img
# svn up
# svn switch
This is all pushed. SVN switched, Kitsune updated to 2.0.3, sphinx updated, symlinks verified, caches cleared.
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