When Unified view of several IMAP accounts switched on, a lot of the mails don't appear in global inbox - just the local ones



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With the release of Tb 3, I was happy to finally be able to group my inbox and throw all mails from all IMAP and POP accounts into one folder. That formerly only worked with POP accounts.
Sadly, it doesn't work properly. When new mail arrives, it sometimes gets displayed at the global inbox. But often, I only see it when I click on the specified account name. Only this account name is marked as *has new mails* then.

Just now, a new mail arrived, is displayed as "new" at the global inbox and the account inbox. But just after clicking on the global inbox, the mail disappears and I only can get it at the account inbox. That's really annoying since after a while I sometimes don't know anymore which mail is in which inbox.

I see the same behaving with the trash boxes.

Furthermore, some of the account inboxes and trash boxes are marked bold - without any new mails in it (see attachment). I don't know why. It's annoying, too.
Can you fix this problem, please?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
It happens most every time a new mail arrives. I can't force it to happen.

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9 years ago
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just an example

just an example how it comes out
Have you tried safe mode? (see https://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/Safe+Mode for more information)

Any error messages in Tools -> Error console ?
Component: Mail Window Front End → Folder and Message Lists
QA Contact: front-end → folders-message-lists

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9 years ago
Safe Mode is even worse, I just tried a few hours. An email, which was displayed in global inbox at normal Thunderbird, vanished from global inbox after starting safe mode (still viewable in local inbox).

The error console is empty.
Guys ideas ?
(In reply to comment #4) 
> Guys ideas ?

to the experts
xref bug #505904 and bug #490328 ?
Summary: grouped View of several IMAP accounts buggy → Unified view of several IMAP accounts buggy
(In reply to comment #6)
> xref bug #505904 and bug #490328 ?

Along Aurelio's line: Thorsten, do you have active filters on the problem accounts that move incoming messages right into subfolders?

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9 years ago
nope, no filters, no addons (except Adblock Plus) atm. (I never used filters, but I did use addons in earlier times)
please change "buggy" in the summary to something specific covering a single issue. thanks

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9 years ago
I hope you don't mean me to do that. I don't know a better expression.
(In reply to comment #10)
> I hope you don't mean me to do that. I don't know a better expression.

Hi Thorsten, we appreciate your time & effort to file this bug report... In turn, we expect you to appreciate our time by presenting your problem in a structured way that we can reproduce it and eventually act on it (which is what you want)... :)

What you need to do:

1) change the summary of your bug. replace "buggy" with the actual wrong behaviour that you see, e.g. "With unified view of several IMAP accounts, some new  mails disappear from global account"

Furthermore, it's crucial to follow the prescribed structure of a bug:

2) Pls provide detailed steps to reproduce (STR), start like this:

Steps to reproduce
  0) have several IMAP accounts, [and ... POP accounts]
  1) receive mail on one IMAP account / get mail for all acounts? 
  2) ...

Actual result
- most of new IMAP mail correctly arrives in global inbox
- some of new IMAP mail... (anything that's special about the mails that end up in the wrong place? any special circumstances?)

Expected result
- ...

- Sometimes (any ideas/circumstances that might be relevant?)

3) add a comment in whiteboard "STR in comment ..." (or ask us to add it if you can't)

We have thousands of bugs, it's too hard to parse free text without structure.
And providing precise STR actually forces you to examine the exact circumstances of your bug more closely, which may help you/us find the cause.

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9 years ago
ok, I changed it to sth.
But as I wrote, there is no receipe for reproducability. It happens sometimes, sometimes it don't.
I have seen, mails from one specific account never appear in global inbox. But the settings are definately identical with the other accounts - with keep their mails in global inbox sometimes - and sometimes not. Not too few times, new mails vanish from global inbox the second I clicked on the global inbox.

Odd too: three out of six accounts are marked bold, even with no new mails.
Summary: Unified view of several IMAP accounts buggy → When Unified view of several IMAP accounts switched on, a lot of the mails don't appear in global inbox - just the local ones
Is this still seen when using version 3.1?

Is this more related to how "get new mail" operates across multiple accounts, then than it is about virtual folders?

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8 years ago
Yes it was. But I just set up Tb new and deleted old profiles because several things went wrong. I had some dead undeletable accounts and a win update wrote over a shortcut (I just saw, this hasn't changed...)

I have to see if the problem now still exists. I'll keep you informed.
yes, please update us.

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8 years ago
Sorry, but this problem still exists. Currently I never see all mails from a specific account (GMX) in the global inbox. The other accounts (web hoster) work fine - mostly, I think.

Everything is IMAP, even GMX. At least TB told me, all is IMAP at the configuration.

Strange: one inbox (from web hoster) is marked bold whole time, even without new unread mails.
Further: the folders with the drafts , the folder "local folders" and "Usenet" are bold aswell, but there are no saved drafts.
try deleting the 
  \Mail\smart mailboxes
subfolder of your thunderbird profile and report your results.
Whiteboard: [workaround ccomment 17]
Thorsten, do you still see this when using newer version?
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4 years ago
I have the same problem with the 31.5.0 version.

But I have deleted the content of "\Mail\smart mailboxes" and now it works again.


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