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Charlton Company trademark attribution needed in About dialog


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Firefox 3.7a5
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A trademark attribution to the Charlton Company was originally in the About dialog, was accidentally removed (see bug 331538) and then moved to about:license in bug 414025 and then removed from there in bug 464994, regressing bug 331538

After a review from legal (bug 568659) it was determined that the text in the About dialog should be:

(c)1998-2010 Contributors. All rights reserved. (</a>Licensing
Information</a>). Firefox and the Firefox logos are trademarks of the Mozilla
Foundation. All rights reserved. Some of the trademarks used under license
from The Charlton Company."

The attribution to the Charlton Company should be shipped in all builds, though it does not need to be localized. This needs to be back-ported to all supported Firefox builds.
Depends on: 568659
The branches won't be quite so pretty, but at least this part isn't bad other than the slight ugly of changing the name of entities when the value changes from " " to " ".
Assignee: nobody → philringnalda
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Four l10n concerns (which maybe shows how little I know, to have so few): the space at the start may be wrong for some locales, but we've had spaces hardcoded in XUL before and they've survived; the full-stop character may be wrong for some locales, even while having an English sentence thrust upon them, but so it goes; I hope that dropping an English sentence into an rtl dialog does The Right Thing, but I guess we'll see; the About dialog is rather sensitive to the size of text, so I guess some poor QA person will have to download a build of every shipping locale, on 1.9.2 and 1.9.1, and make sure that it's still usable, not overflowing or overlapping anything.
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Do what's possible, on the branches

Could have sworn l10n@mozilla was enough address for a match last time I tried.
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Do what's possible, on the branches

This made me look into what localizers are currently doing with this string:

A few copied the "" value from the non-official-branding version, and I wonder how consistent the other translations are. Seems like perhaps this is something we should be doing more verification on?
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Most of those "" seem to be folks who translated nightly/unofficial branding - the only one I see that did it for official branding was gl, which apparently we are shipping without any trademark claim in both 3.5.9 and 3.6.3.
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Do what's possible, on the branches

I think it'd be safer to put this text into it's own line/paragraph, and to explictly test an RTL build, to see which markup that paragraph needs.

PS: calendar-l10n@mozilla.bugs is in the way for quite some time, :Pike is the least typing to get reviews from me :-)
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Well, <description dir="ltr">Some trademarks yadda.</description> didn't work out at all well - for some reason I've forgotten despite patching it to not break rtl, there's padding-start, and the -end takes care of itself, so the ltr chunk butts up against the edge of dialog, and still has the offensive (to us, unclear how shocking it is to rtl readers) ".Charlton Company" anyway, despite being supposed to know it's ltr.
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I'm not absolutely sure about this yet, but at least the appearance stopped Smokey from gagging on his tongue, which the first screenshot made him swallow.
Depends on: 570447
And if you want to see what I'm worried about with adding height, as bug 570447 notes you only need to use Extra Large fonts on Windows on the trunk, to have the UA string part of the dialog disappear from view.
blocking1.9.2: .5+ → .6+
Are these patches ready for branch landing? If so, can we get them nominated please?
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For 1.9.1

Well, this will hide (partially or completely) the UA string for some people with some fonts in some languages, but apparently we already crossed that bridge long ago, and decided that we just didn't much care. The dialog sizes big enough to fix the text, including the Charlton text, it's just that it doesn't care what happens to the UA string when it does.
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For 1.9.1

>diff --git a/browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul b/browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul

>+      <description dir="ltr" id="charlton">Some of the trademarks used under license from The Charlton Company.
>+      </description>

nit: put closing tag on same line?

On 1.9.2, let's wrap this in an #ifdef MOZ_OFFICIAL_BRANDING? Would be nice to do on 1.9.1 too, but there's no existing #define for that, so it may not be worth the trouble.
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For 1.9.1

I'd agree with gavin on the official branding piece, too. r=me with that.
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Review comments addressed, for 1.9.2
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For 1.9.1

Which makes this the 1.9.1-only version.
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For 1.9.2, ifdeffed

a=beltzner for mozilla-1.9.2
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For 1.9.1

a=beltzner for mozilla-1.9.1
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Depends on: 595567
Mike, reopen: block bug 579547 - About Window changed again.
No on both counts: that would be "file a new bug" except that you're looking at unofficial/nightly branding which doesn't have or need the attribution, and official branding in the new about window does have it.
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