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Add NSIS 2.46 Unicode to Mozilla Build


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Over in bug 569058 I am going to make it so the current trunk will be able to compile with NSIS 2.33 Unicode that is currently in Mozilla Build and with NSIS 2.46 Unicode so there releng and developers won't have to upgrade Mozilla Build when the fix for bug 569058 lands.

I'd like Mozilla Build to also include NSIS 2.46 Unicode along with NSIS 2.33 Unicode so developers will still be able to compile 1.9.2.x and older branches. To accomplish this the NSIS 2.46 Unicode makensis.exe should be renamed to something like makensis-2.46.exe.

The NSIS distribution no longer includes a zip file but the install can be automated as follows

Download NSIS version 2.46 Unicode from

You can silently install it with the following
nsis-2.46-Unicode-setup.exe /S /D=<path to install directory>
copy the directories / files in the install directory to a directory named nsis-2.46u in the Mozilla Build stage dir
rename makensis.exe to makensis-2.46.exe
remove uninst-nsis.exe

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Requires the NSIS 2.46 Unicode installer to be added from

other than that this should hopefully do the trick
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The patch looks plausible, I'll try to find some time to fire up my VM and test it soon. I've been thinking about doing a new MozillaBuild release anyway to pick up some other fixes.
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Thanks Ted, btw: the patch in bug 569058 is written in such a way that it won't be necessary for Mozilla Build to have NSIS 2.46 before it lands so a review at the same time for it would be appreciated.
btw: is only needed for 1.9.0... don't know if you want to keep it in Mozilla Build anyways but IMO I don't think it would be a bad thing to remove it. I someone needs it - which I doubt - they could just install an older version of Mozilla Build.
If it's 1.9.0 only then yeah, I think we can remove it, considering we're EOLing that branch anyway.
If we remove this, then 1.9.{1,2} will both be able to use NSIS 2.33u, right? That's why only 1.9.0 would be broken?
Yes... 1.9.1 and above require NSIS 2.33u. I don't have a problem with keeping it in MozillaBuild for now if you prefer but I think it should be ok to install an older MozillaBuild for the few (if anyone at all) that wanted to build the installer on 1.9.0.
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possible patch

Looks sane. Feel free to hg add the new NSIS installer and push this to the mozilla-build repo. I'll test it when I get a chance, but it'll probably make my life easier if you just land it.
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remove NSIS 2.22 - requires previous patch

hg rm the old zip when you land this, please.
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Pushed to mozilla-build

addition of NSIS 2.46u

removal of NSIS 2.22
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Gave it a try and it built the uninstaller / installer correctly.

Any chance of getting bug 545294 for MozillaBuild 1.5? I've been a bit of a pest with asking you for reviews lately but I'd like to get bug 570689 and bug 575838 off of my plate soon... I am pretty certain these will be the last ones for a while.
I'm pretty sure this is gonna bite... when NSIS 3.33 Unicode was added to Mozilla Build configure wasn't updated to check for the renamed exe of makensisu.exe and instead checks for makensis.exe. This affects both 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 so for the time being I think MozillaBuild should keep NSIS 2.22 and should be backed out. :(
Yeah, we'll get WiX for MB1.5, I'm just slogging through the bugs right now. Bummer about NSIS 2.22, I guess we'll just have to carry around 3 versions for the next couple of releases.
I also tested building 1.9.2 with MozillaBuild 1.5pre with the backout referenced in comment #16 and everything including the uninstaller / installer built fine.
Ok, sounds good, thanks!
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