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We need a new version of MozillaBuild to pick up a new version of Hg, among other things.


9 years ago
Depends on: 505842

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9 years ago
YASM should be on this list too, right?
Yes, apparently that bug never got filed.
Depends on: 570477
AFAICT, there's no file in a mozilla-build install that actually tells which version you're having, right? Could we add a VERSION in the root dir or something?
Depends on: 409455
We could, sure. I'd just have to remember to update it. :)
No longer depends on: 570477
Depends on: 504994

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9 years ago
Can we put yasm.exe into MozillaBuild?

To make the webm build to work for Windows 64-bit I had to:
* wget
* unzip
* mv vsyasm.exe /d/mozilla-build/msys/bin/yasm.exe

I didn't necessarily have to put it in mozilla-build but just somewhere included in the PATH.
Armen, see bug 570477.
Ted, when are you planning on wrapping this up? I'll put a patch together for adding WiX and ust want to make sure I finish it in time.
I think I'd like to start on this next week just to get it out of the way. (I haven't done anything yet.)
Depends on: 578584

Comment 11

9 years ago
Do you think we could take this change as well?
bug 579159
I haven't heard any negative feedback, so I'm going to call rc1 final. (That might be a first!)

Sorry, I'm not going to do another round of builds, even to take trivial patches.
No longer depends on: 578584
Depends on: 581131
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