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Release MozillaBuild 1.5


(Firefox Build System :: MozillaBuild, task)

Windows 7
Not set


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(Reporter: ted, Assigned: ted)



We need a new version of MozillaBuild to pick up a new version of Hg, among other things.
Depends on: 505842
YASM should be on this list too, right?
Yes, apparently that bug never got filed.
Depends on: 570477
AFAICT, there's no file in a mozilla-build install that actually tells which version you're having, right? Could we add a VERSION in the root dir or something?
Depends on: 409455
We could, sure. I'd just have to remember to update it. :)
No longer depends on: 570477
Can we put yasm.exe into MozillaBuild?

To make the webm build to work for Windows 64-bit I had to:
* wget
* unzip
* mv vsyasm.exe /d/mozilla-build/msys/bin/yasm.exe

I didn't necessarily have to put it in mozilla-build but just somewhere included in the PATH.
Armen, see bug 570477.
Ted, when are you planning on wrapping this up? I'll put a patch together for adding WiX and ust want to make sure I finish it in time.
I think I'd like to start on this next week just to get it out of the way. (I haven't done anything yet.)
Do you think we could take this change as well?
bug 579159
I haven't heard any negative feedback, so I'm going to call rc1 final. (That might be a first!)

Sorry, I'm not going to do another round of builds, even to take trivial patches.
No longer depends on: 578584
Depends on: 581131
Product: → Firefox Build System
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