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Bad performance playing HTML5 videos on N900


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In a Nokia N900 with last Fennec nightly versions (also with last beta) I notice a very bad performance when playing ogg videos (an example: No such a problem when playing in desktop builds (just tried Mac OS X one). No problem when playing Flash videos.
Matthew Gregan is working on hardware-accelerated decoding for Ogg Theora, which should help:
Summary: Bad performance playing ogg videos → Bad performance playing ogg videos on N900
Thanks for the link! I guess we will not be able to benefit from it in 1.1 yet, will we?
Component: Linux/Maemo → General
OS: Linux → Linux (embedded)
Depends on: 582816
tracking-fennec: --- → 2.0b2+
Summary: Bad performance playing ogg videos on N900 → Bad performance playing HTML5 videos on N900
Version: 1.9.2 Branch → Trunk
Depends on: 576192
This probably depends on bug 511348 (Tremor decoding for Vorbis audio), which is blocking-fennec:2.0+.
Depends on: 511348
Assignee: nobody → doug.turner
tracking-fennec: 2.0b2+ → 2.0-
Assignee: doug.turner → nobody
Duplicate of this bug: 481532
6% - neon_yuv->rgb16
5% - layer_scaling.
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> Created attachment 508551 [details]
> backtrace for bad pixman

I think that all such missing fast paths have been introduced in upstream pixman. So if this bug is about adding optimizations to the existing parts of the pipeline, then just taking the newest pixman should resolve them.

Nevertheless a lot of graphics operations seem to be highly redundant in Fennec, and I have submitted a new bug 641196 for profiling various ways of html5 video playback.
Duplicate of this bug: 601588
Closing all opened bug in a graveyard component
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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