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HTTP referrer not sent for iframe request


(Core :: Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames, defect, P1)






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look at this page. There should be 3 banner, but in Moz we see only 

This going on with all banners.

With this are affected most of .ru sites.
over to HTML Element
Assignee: asa → clayton
Component: Browser-General → HTML Element
QA Contact: doronr → lorca
attaching relevant portion of page. some iframe stuff inside a table.  we show
scrollbars and 4.x and ie do not.
Must I post here a list of sites this is affected on?

2/3 .ru sites (and 90% of most popular .ru sites) have this issue... Please do 
smth with this for RTM! 

To get attention I raise the priority and severity.
Severity: normal → critical
Priority: P3 → P1
Keywords: rtm
todays branch build is capable of displaying the images in attachment 17695 [details] if
you first go into 4.x and use view image to get the URL and paste the URL into
Mozilla. So the problem is not the RLE images. The problem must either be the
iframes used to layout the image or converting the absolute URL used to load the
image. Reassigning to pollmann to investigate further.
Assignee: clayton → pollmann
This looks like a server-side problem with to me.

Nav does not display the iframes (<iframe> is not implemented in Nav, so it
displays the alternate content inside the <iframe> tag), but in IE, they look
fine.  Here's an example URL:

when I load this URL with Moz (or even directly telnetting to the server and
requesting it, I get an HTTP redirect to:

That is a blank GIF image, which is correctly displayed in Nav as a blank
rectangle.  When I fetch this with IE, a page is loaded.  My guess is that the
site is doing User-Agent sniffing and showing us the page it gives to "unknown"
user agents.
Marking this evangwanted.  I don't think I'll have time to do a full
investigation for RTM, but am pretty sure that this can be corrected very simply
on the server side.
Keywords: evangwanted
Marking rtm-, based on Eric's comments that this is a server-side browser
sniffing issue.
Whiteboard: [rtm-]
It's pretty easy, really...
It turned-out that NN6 does not submit an http referrer for iframe request. 
With no referrer at all, the algorithm that filters illegal activities in our 
banner network comes into play - and redirection to expelled.gif occures 
instead of standard text/html output.
S. Bogdanov, RLE
Thanks, I'll look into why we aren't sending the referrer along
with requests for iframes.  :)
Severity: critical → major
Component: HTML Element → Networking: HTTP
OS: Windows 98 → All
Hardware: PC → All
Summary: RLE banners do not displayed in Mozilla → HTTP referrer not sent for iframe request
Keywords: evangwanted
Now all looks fine.
Was this fixed in mozilla or on
It is defenetly not fixed in mozilla since NS6 also shows all banners.
Linkexchange did smth on they engine.
QA Contact: lorca → tever
Tossing over to tever, who should own this one....
Reassigning bug to
Changed component to Evangelism.
Assignee: pollmann → bclary
Component: Networking: HTTP → Evangelism
Grabbing back - I still haven't taken care of this.  Sorry for the spam!
Assignee: bclary → pollmann
Component: Evangelism → HTMLFrames
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9
*** Bug 60141 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Attached file test case
Working now.  To verify, open up the test case.  You should see:

A page with a black box.  Inside the black box, it should say:

" sent you to me."

In Netscape 6, which had this bug, the black box will say: "I dunno."
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Blocks: 75664
checked with test case, marking verified WinNT4 2001052204
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
Component: Layout: HTML Frames → Layout: Images
Product: Core Graveyard → Core
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