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Classic Skin: Need to use CSS2 system colours rather than hardcoded colours


(SeaMonkey :: Themes, defect, P3)

Mac System 8.5


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: lordpixel, Assigned: lordpixel)




(2 files)

This depends on:

bug 1004 (I have a fix attached to this bug)


bug	46174	(I have a partial fix attached, working on it some more)

As I complete the patch to bug 46174 I will start to attach fixed Mac classic 
skin files here
Also see bug: 57488 which deals with the fonts in the Mac classic skin
Blocks: 49144
Depends on: 1004, 46174
Here's another one with a patch: bug 56507
The first of (hopefully) many patches which build on the work I did getting 
system and appearnce manager colours working (bug 1004 and bug 46174). 

This patch gives Macs correct colours in contextual menus and text field focus 
rings. Reduces use of hardocoded colours in mac classic skin in favour of dynamic 
css colours which track the Appearance Manager.

Reviews please!
I'll fix the spacing problems when I check it in.
Assignee: hangas → lordpixel
+	color                 : GrayText;
+	color                 : GreyText;

What is the reason for the variation here?
the discrepancy is cause I'm British and we tend towards Grey over Gray. The 
official CSS spec is GrayText so I resolved it thay way.

BTW - I thought I wasn't supposed to have bugs assigned to me because I can't 
check in? Not that I mind.

Also, Blake, dunno if you saw my note but please leave this open when you check 
it in. There's lots more still to do to have a complete fix.

That patch checked in.  It's fine to have bugs assigned to you even if you 
can't check in.
Depends on: 67128
Could someone update the status of this bug? Is there something still 
pending to be checked in here?
Weeesh! No, this was checked in a long time ago. 
Closed: 23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Should add: This bug was too general anyway. The patches in question are in.
Obviously we should hardcode less colours if possible, but then we also get into
the whole Aqua thing. If people have specific bugbears, please file specific
bugs on them.
I just eyeballed the relevant files and all of the  significant changes are 
present, the patch is months old so its impossible to be 100% sure. I think if 
any colours where missed we'll just wait for ppl to file new bugs on those 
problems (if any).

IMO this can be verified.
Verified on Mac OS 9.2 (branch build: 2001-10-12-03-0.9.4)
Product: Core → SeaMonkey
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