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font-face rules are not included in complete page save as


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When using the Save Page As feature, Firefox 4.0b1 does not save the associated font files into the local _files directory or update the associated url for the local file path.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Browse to
2. Save Page As from the file menu
3. Save the page
4. Examine the local file that was saved as a result of this operation.
Actual Results:  
The font file is not saved and the render has to default over to the the default font face.

Expected Results:  
The font is accessible on the local file system and the local file is rendered the same as the remote version.
Probably for the same reason as background-images and the like.
Confirming as I don't find any bug on this.
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I am working on a patch for it. It already finds every @font-face rule in <style> nodes and downloads the font files. The current patch has an issue with the naming of the files though. It is saving the files with .asc suffix (and _002.asc, _003.asc for files that have repeated basename). Any idea how to handle that? I dont know why it's dropping the file extensions that are declared in the url descriptors.
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I still need some feedback on how to fix the wrong naming of downloaded font files.
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Would be nice to have this for websites which show bugs only with webfonts, i.e. bug 994923.
clearing this old and ignored needinfo to clear my dashboard
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initial implementation with wrong naming of downloaded font files

Saving links referenced by the src array of @font-face rules is definitely something necessary to save webfonts but this feature will require a lot more than just that. Webfonts are lazy loaded, so stylesheets can include definitions of webfont resources that are never used on a page. I think the save code would need to look at the fonts used on the page and store those under reworked names.
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