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Window drag area too small with Firefox button


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Windows 7
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The area to drag the window is too small with Firefox button enabled, making it hard to hit the right area if you want to move the window. This has the following reasons:

- the "top border resizing" area is 1px too large (9px instead of the default 8px, related is bug 581023)
- in general, the top area of the window doesn't respect the system defined title bar height (see bug 576960)

Reproducible: Always
Depends on: 576960
See Also: → 581023
The drag area is from tab bar to the very top of title bar. IMHO your screenshot is bad.
No, at the very top of the title bar is the area to resize the window.

I'm talking about unmaximized windows.
Then the current state is your screenshot + tab bar.
You can't use the tab bar to drag the window, when it is full of tabs, as on the screenshot. And I have pretty much always more than 10 tabs open.
Indeed the area is a bit smaller. What would be the solution? Yeah, make it bigger. Hey, let's also restore the title bar text and destroy a principal point of the new UI. Chrome and Opera also have a smaller drag area and I have never seen this as a problem. It is still easy to hit and complaining about it close to nitpicking in my opinion. I don't want the slick design to be destroyed because of such complaints.
Well, the problem is that nearly half of the visible glass space is occupied by the top window resizer, so I hit recently the wrong area with the mouse, which is really annoying and a bit of a usability problem.

Solution? Don't know. I didn't design the Firefox button, and I don't want to fix problems, other people introduced, because they wanted to be cool.

Enlarging the title bar area? Sounds good to me. Restore the title bar text? That's another story, but the space on the tab for the title text is really small, and I can't think of another good place to show the full title.

At least reset the resizing area to the system size. Currently it's fixed 9 pixel instead of honoring the system setting, which would be 8px by default. OK, it's not really 9 pixel, because the topmost 2 pixels don't work, but that's another bug. But shrinking it from 9 to 8 pixels will add another pixel to the moving area. 

And Operas drag area is bigger than ours. It's 14px high, with additional space below the "opera button" and the max/min/close buttons, while ours is currently 12px high without additional space (except empty tab bar).
This may improve when bug 575870 lands as the layout of the titlebar will change.

Leaving this open so that we can confirm the entire titlebar area supports drag.
Depends on: 575870
No longer depends on: 576960
Fixed by the landings in bug 575870 & bug 574454.
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Ever confirmed: true
Resolution: FIXED → ---
I've also realised that clicking near the minimize button is enough to minimize the window.

x86/Windows 7/Aero
This should be fixed again in today's nightly.
confirmed in the latest nightly. I can drag from all glass areas now.
Closed: 13 years ago13 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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