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In standalone window I cannot get rid of the scam warning


(Thunderbird :: Message Reader UI, defect)

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(blocking-thunderbird5.0 needed)

Thunderbird 5.0b1
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blocking-thunderbird5.0 --- needed


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1) save
2) File -> Open Saved message

This opens in a standalone window on my system
I get a nice This my be  a scam warning. Clicking on ignore does nothing.
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Whiteboard: [tbtrunkneeds]
Summary: In standalone window I can get rid of the scam warning → In standalone window I cannot get rid of the scam warning
blocking-thunderbird5.0: --- → needed
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For what it's worth, this works with other emails, just not that email.
Ah ha, I see what the problem is. .eml files don't work, but messages in a mail folder do work.
Taking this, since I think I have a solution (not necessarily a good one).
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Well, I'm not really sure this is the right way to go about doing this, but it seems to work, at least. This will, I'm sure, need tests, but I'm putting the patch up now so that people can try it with various test cases to make sure I actually got it right. :)
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Allow reloading of external (file or attachment) messages

Yes, a test would be nice.  Since Standard8 is planning to have the standalone message display end up being a tabbed window like the rest, it might make sense to plan to internalize the external message display stuff more into the FolderDisplayWidget/MessageDisplayWidget world or the tab type.  But you don't need to do that now, this is fine.
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Here are some tests. I'm a little surprised that this appears to be the first Mozmill test involving .eml files, but now that I added a helper function in test-folder-display-helpers, maybe people will write more tests for .eml files. :)
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Now with tests

Vontastic.  Indeed, the lack of the .eml test was a bit of a deficiency; the whole refactoring and mozmill test writing was on the critical path for a release and it got short shrift.  Thanks much for resolving that!
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I was looking into this but the one line fix in Thunderbird isn't sufficient. 

function setMsgHdrPropertyAndReload(aProperty, aValue)
  // we want to get the msg hdr for the currently selected message
  // change the appropiate property on it then reload the message

  var msgHdr = msgHdrForCurrentMessage();
  if (msgHdr)
    msgHdr.setUint32Property(aProperty, aValue);
We don't have a dummy Message Header sink like Thunderbird. so msgHdr is null here.
Bah wrong tab!
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