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Add fields for AdapterDeviceID and AdapterVendorID


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With bug 586048 we'll start sending AdapterDeviceID and AdapterVendorID annotations with our crash reports. We'll need to record these in the database. I don't think we need any UI for it now.
Blocks: 575738
When can we expect to see these fields added?
Depends on: 586048
Laura, any chance we can get an estimate on when we can get these fields?
How urgently is this needed?

I ask because in Q4 we'll roll out full text search of dumps, so if we do something before that it will be temporary.  If it's urgent to have it sooner we can probably work it into our 1.8.1 or 1.9 releases.

Is it possible to get a report of the App Notes like you did for SSE2? If so, this isn't super urgent.
It looks like I can, according to the schema: app_notes character varying(1024)

Although boy, that's shorter than I expected, I thought it would be type TEXT. I hope we don't end up with truncations as more people use that API.
We shouldn't be using it on a permanent basis for things that need to be queryable anyway.
Blocks: 596720
No longer blocks: 575738

This report would be very useful for trying to determine the correlation between crashes and particular devices. So it's higher priority than I originally thought.

Benjamin tells me that he can't easily do this kind of report anymore so I'll redirect my request to you. Can I get a report that contains counts for all of the unique App Note strings from the last 3 weeks of crashes on the 2.0 branch. It would be nice to get this in the next few days if possible.
This (comment 9) is a job for Metrics -> Anurag?
Assignee: nobody → aphadke
Jeff - I am almost done writing the code that shall give you counts based on "App Note" strings. Find counts specific to 2.0 branch is bit tricky, that data is a combination of Product & Version and needs to be mapped externally.

Ryan (from Socorro) team pointed me to a SQL query that will make this happen, however, according to him, the data might not be consistent.

Let me know if this is okay with you or feel free to suggest any other option....

The data on the Socorro side is managed in the admin panel at:

Like Anurag mentioned, the data is maintained regularly to ensure that correct products and versions are in there. But the correct branch associated with that product / version combination is not always correct from what I've seen.
Jeff - can you please reply to comment on #11/13?
(In reply to comment #14)
> Jeff - can you please reply to comment on #11/13?

Ah sorry. I didn't see this sooner. 

Being able to get reports for a product/version combination is probably sufficient.

Thanks for the current data.
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