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Aero/Win7 Window Border shading follows TabCandy/Panorama thumbnail scaling


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Windows 7


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Firefox 4.0


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On Win7 with D2D (haven't checked yet whether this makes a difference, probably not) clicking the TabCandy button and the following animation for some reason triggers a re-shading of the window border. Look carefully at the white horizontal borders where the gradient repeats along the left and right border. Press the TabCandy button and the border moves up until it disappears.

Nothing major, but slightly irritating.

Reproducible: Always
Priority: -- → P4
Blocks: 598154
Keywords: polish
Whiteboard: [visual]
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 4.0
Yes. This is annoying. I was just about to file it so here are a couple of screenshots :-) I think it's because the white glaze effect across the Aero Glass is located based on the height of the content area or the toolbar area. You can see a similar but less extreme shift when hiding or showing a toolbar.
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Thanks guys. How annoying do you find this? I.e., it doesn't seem like it should block 4, but would be something good to fix.
I don't think most people will find it annoying. I do see it and those kinds of things snag my attention but I'm abnormal in that respect. This shouldn't block but it probably shouldn't be wontfixed unless the fix is terribly difficult. (It may just be the way Windows wants it to work)We may end up seeing something similar when we hide toolbars for other chrome pages like the addons manager and this may end up being a toolkit/graphics/or otherwise system wide thing that needs fixing.
Looks like a good polish bug for b9, but I don't think it's a deal-breaker if we don't get to it.
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Duping this one, as bug 613606 has a shiny video
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