Reorder sessionrestore tab data to keep tab groups together



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From bug 590268 comment 14:

I take it from the summary of this bug ["Provide access to sessionstore tab data sooner"] that (for some reason) Panorama doesn't have direct access to the session restore data? So it has to manipulate it between getting the data and displaying the tabs?

If so, that still leaves the actual data in the same order as if the tabs were opened linearly. For now (and I believe there's another bug on file to change this), that means that the actual about:sessionrestore page still shows the tabs in the order that they were opened.

This can be confusing when having to deal with the actual session restore page. Until that other bug [bug 591911] is fixed, is there any way to have Panorama reorder the stored tab data so that tabs in the same group are at least placed next to each other?


Thus, this bug is requesting that the stored tab data be reordered so that tabs in the same group are shown next to each other in the about:sessionrestore list (and anywhere else that data is used).
Sounds nice; not sure we can get to it before ff4.0 though. 

Paul, any thoughts on how best to do this?
Priority: -- → P3
Session restore just loops over gBrowser.tabs. You could reposition tabs as they change groups and it would "just work" as far as session restore is concerned.

Bug 588217 would probably make this trivial and less hacky, but oh well.


9 years ago
Depends on: 588217
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Panorama has been removed from Firefox 45, currently in Beta and scheduled for release on March 7th. As such, I'm closing all existing Panorama bugs.

If you are still using Panorama, you will see a deprecation message in Firefox 44, and when 45 is released your tab group data will be migrated to bookmarks, with a folder for each group. There are also a few addons offering similar functionality.

See for more info.

We're removing Panorama because it has extremely low usage (about 0.01% of users), and has a large number of bugs and usability issues. The cost of fixing all those issues is far too high to justify, and so we'll instead be focusing our time and energy on improving other parts of Firefox.
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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