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talos needs to be able to install release builds


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This would mean being able to handle the package installers and be able to drill down to the binary.  Right now talos only knows how to handle tinderbox builds as zips, dmgs and tar.bz2.
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Working with release builds pulled from:

So far, linux builds will not be an issue at all as they are in the same tar.bz2 as nightly/tinderbox builds.
Mac builds also not an issue, installed in a similar dmg structure to the nightly/tinderbox mac builds.
Windows release builds are packaged in an installer.  We can use the command line interface to get around this:

Working on buildbotcustom patches to handle this option
Off by default.  Will allow us adjust the addontester factory to test only release builds.
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We'll need the firefoxInstallConfig.ini checked in as well - and then added to the build server to be downloaded when necessary.  Not quite sure where we want this ini file to live, so I haven't specified a location yet.

Probably will end up in the buildfarm utilities.
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Fixed typo.
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I'm missing some context here...why is this wanted/needed?
This is for addon performance testing - the requirement from the AMO team is that we test against what people are actually running on their own computers, which would be release builds.
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[checked in]firefoxInstallConfig.ini

firefoxInstallConfig.ini checked in
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[checked in] add ability to buildbotcustom for intallation of release builds (take 3 - remove bitrot)

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