Can't select IMAP folder with name "."

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Networking: IMAP
17 years ago
9 years ago


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17 years ago
If you try to select an IMAP folder named ".", it fails because we issue a
select on a folder named "", i.e., the empty string.

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17 years ago
*** Bug 60797 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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17 years ago
*** Bug 60797 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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17 years ago
Copying the IMAP log from bug 60797 and change QA contact to me.

Notice from the following lines from above IMAP log:

281[93edb60]: nsmail-1:A:SendData: 4 select ""
281[93edb60]: nsmail-1:A:CreateNewLineFromSocket: 4 NO Mailbox does not exist
281[93edb60]: nsmail-1:A:SendData: 5 getacl ""
281[93edb60]: nsmail-1:A:CreateNewLineFromSocket: 5 NO Mailbox does not exist
QA Contact: esther → huang

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17 years ago
adding mail3 keyword
Keywords: mail3

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17 years ago
changing priorities
Priority: P3 → P2

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17 years ago
Update for triage team.  This bug is specific to a period alone as a folder
name. If you have a period in the folder name it's ok, if you start the folder
name with a period that's OK too and if you literaly use the quotes around the
period in the folder name it's ok too.  Just trying to determine the frequence
of this bug showing up.  

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17 years ago
Mail Triage is marking [nsbeta3-]
Whiteboard: [nsbeta3-]

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17 years ago
marking nsbeta1- due to not affecting a large number of users.
Keywords: nsbeta1-


16 years ago
Blocks: 124287


15 years ago
QA Contact: huang → gchan

Comment 9

15 years ago
The question is at void CoalesceDirsAbs(char* io_Path) 
in mozilla/netwerk/base/src/nsURLHelper.cpp I found.

Comment 10

15 years ago
In mozilla/netwerk/base/src/nsURLHelper.cpp/void CoalesceDirsAbs(char* io_Path),
mozilla will look '.' as current folder directory, look '..' as father folder
directory. So it will change 
       /foo/../foo1  ->  /foo1
and    /foo/./foo1   ->  /foo/foo1
and    /foo/foo1/..  ->  /foo/
and thus make the url more concise.
So we may forbidden the user's create a folder named '.' and '..'.

Comment 11

15 years ago
How to reproduce this bug?

Following is the steps I test.

1. create "." on a UW server
It is said that 'invalid argument'.

2. select "." on a UW server
It is said that 'not a selectable mailbox'.

3. create "." on a Cyrus server
It is said it is a 'Invalid mailbox name'.

4. select "." on a UW server
It is said that 'doesn't exist'.

Comment 12

15 years ago
Sorry for the typo.

4. select "." on a UW server
4. select "." on a Cyrus server

Comment 13

15 years ago
I reproduce it on our iPlanet server,henry.

1.We can create folder "." or ".." successfully
2.But we can't select it successfully
The same thing happen to "..". But "..." etc all right.

On UW server we can't create ".", it's response demonstrates that current
mailbox has been existed.

My Cyrus server account(on doesn't work, don't know why...
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core


9 years ago
QA Contact: grylchan → networking.imap
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