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Test MindTouch 2010 on staging server


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We need to go through the MDC test plan on the staging server once the upgrade to 2010 is done. Odds are decent that we will find skin changes that need to be made.
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Bug 605549 and bug 605645 should block, not depend on, this bug.
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> Bug 605549 and bug 605645 should block, not depend on, this bug.

Raymond ^^^
No longer depends on: 605549
This isn't an IT bug right?
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This is now ready for testing in preparation for deployment.
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> This is now ready for testing in preparation for deployment.
is it hosted on or is the MindTouch 2010 update that this bug is about testing. is for staging minor updates to the MindTouch 9.x install we're currently running, and isn't the focus of this bug.
I'm uncomfortable with the level of potential risk that doing an upgrade could pose, given the QA resources we have, as we're behind with the Firefox 4-associated projects, as it is; this can wait until after we ship, right?
I agree - can this wait till post Fx4?
Ugh. I soooo wish I could say "no", but yeah, it can wait until after Firefox 4. I don't like it though. I'd personally rather have Firefox 4 wait. :)
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Why Mozmill? I think that should go to the devmo component.
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A major security flaw has been discovered in MindTouch that extends all the way back to the version we're using now. We need to get upgraded to the latest version ASAP to get rid of it, as the fix will not be backported.
Severity: normal → blocker
What's the security flaw?
I don't have details, but it turns out there's a way to mitigate the problem -- and our configuration is already set up that way, so we're okay.

That said, it's still time to get the staging server into QA so we can update.
What version is staging running, and is it ready for QA? doesn't list its version.  Also, last time we were asked to test, there were configuration issues with signup, etc.
Looks like we're behind by a few patches again. I'll file a ticket that blocks this one asking IT to update us.

Configuration wise, I don't know of any remaining outstanding issues.
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OK. Looks like we're updated and ready for testing. I've been poking around and things seem to be working as far as I can tell.
Raymond, while Sheppy tests MindTouch can you make a pass on the django site at so we know MindTouch 10 doesn't break any of the django-dekiwiki integration points? Auth, landing pages, demo studio, etc. Thanks.
Do we know when QA will have time for this testing? I'd like to know when to expect that testing to occur.
Hi Eric I will be testing the upgrade on staging from today till end of day Friday 04/1 and mark any bugs I find  as a blocker to this bug.
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I asked MindTouch to look at our comments on bug 652190. We're back to an error on the activitydashboard tab. :(
I'm very excited to see all the dependencies closed here.
Do we know - who did the MindTouch 2010 upgrade in staging? We want to try to push it to production this week and it would help to CC whoever upgraded staging.
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