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"Options..." and "Show All Bookmarks..." should not end with an ellipsis


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Firefox 4.0b8


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The menu commands "Options..." and "Show All Bookmarks..." both currently end with an ellipsis, even though the command is carried out as soon as the user selections the option without needing any further input. (As an example "About Firefox" also does not use an ellipsis).

Even if we can't break string freeze, we may want to update these for en-us and then try to update them for other locals later.  "Options..." stands out right now since it is the only item in the right pane that contains an ellipsis (even though every item in that pane loads a tab or window).  And "Show All Bookmarks..." isn't internally consistent with the related command "Show All History"
Summary: "Options" and "Show All Bookmarks" should end with an ellipsis → "Options..." and "Show All Bookmarks..." should not end with an ellipsis
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OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86 → All
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took it because I get annoyed by inconsistencies like this :P
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Switching bug markup to [strings] whiteboard.

I don't think we should do this with "just en-US tweaking", some localizers are going to find it and complain, for one.

Also, a bug is either important to fix or not.
Keywords: late-l10n
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>Also, a bug is either important to fix or not.

makes sense, sorry about catching this so late in the process
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patch for en-US

Yeah, what Pike said. Should rev the entities so it gets picked up by l10n.

Do the l10n tools show localizers the previous value of the string? That would be nice so it's clear that the only change is the ellipsis-removal.
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Durr, I guess they wouldn't, since there's not really a way to know that the two entity names are related.

Another reason to hate the entity-name-changing system.
Well, they kinda do, if you're looking at for example, you see that it says "this goes away, this is new". Humans are OK to guess on related entry names to be related strings.

It doesn't show the difference between the two en-US strings, though.

Then again, one of your localizer uses three-way merge tools to do l10n for a reason ;-).

But yeah, room for improvement, and we're having that on our mind for l20n.
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Revs the entities.

Mac will still get the ellipsis after Preferences for platform consistency.
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(In reply to comment #9)
> Had to fix a typo.

Why are you modifying content in testing/tools/profiles/
(In reply to comment #10)
> (In reply to comment #9)
> > Had to fix a typo.
> > 
> >
> Why are you modifying content in
> testing/tools/profiles/

That was to re-land a line that I backed out from another patch that I simultaneously pushed before I figured out what actually was causing the bustage.
More detail from #developers, 
<fryn> Pike: the pref was removed by my patch, so i removed all instances of it in our code base.
which is part of bug 604419.
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