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TryChooser user choice syntax improvements


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Now that bug 600296 landed, it's a bit tricky to say "build all desktop platforms but no mobile platforms".

TryChooser could improve this situation by adding two pseudo-platforms, "desktop" and "mobile", which correspond to all desktop and all mobile operating systems.
Priority: -- → P4
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Merging three bugs about new syntax options into one bug for better tracking and implementation.

From Bug 615709:

TryChooser currently accepts the following platform targets:


It seems sensible to rename "linux" and "macosx" to "linux32" and "macosx32"
for parallelism with "win32", "linux64", and "macosx64".  Right now, one might
imagine that "linux" builds both linux32 and linux64.

From bug 623953:

Support mix-n-match opt/debug in trychooser.
This shouldn't be too hard, if I add another option to the -b so that it's
opt/debug/both/mixnmatch then we can go through the user platforms for ones
with -dbg attached or something like that.
Summary: TryChooser should have --platform "desktop" and "mobile" aliases → TryChooser user choice syntax improvements
Whiteboard: [tryserver][simple] → [tryserver]
Duplicate of this bug: 615709
Duplicate of this bug: 623953
Whiteboard: [tryserver] → [tryserver][trychooser]
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Whiteboard: [tryserver][trychooser] → [tryserver]
Found in triage.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Developer Tools
QA Contact: hwine
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Component: Tools → General
I think try chooser is dead and/or dying since the advent of "./mach try fuzzy". I'm closing this.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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