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[meta] HTTP redirection bugs. - top slow loading pages doing redirection


(Core :: Networking: HTTP, defect, P3)






(Reporter: darin.moz, Assigned: darin.moz)



(Keywords: perf)

meta bug for tracking HTTP redirection bugs.
Depends on: 40072, 44153, 52910, 54358, 56523, 58658, 59260
Depends on: 48385
Depends on: 64497
Blocks: 64833
Here is another area to look at.  Several of these top slow loaders 
when compared to other browsers involve being redirected to other sites.   

We need to figure out if any of the dependency bugs on this list
will have impact on improving 'redircted page' loading performance.

  Next steps would be to confirm the page loading deltas below, 
  figure out content elements that might be holding 
  us back from doing better on these sites, then translate 
  those problems into bugs with reduced test cases.... 

  Site               - Load Time - Additional Load time over other browsers
  http://www.ANGELFIRE.COM 28.17 27.02
        redirects to 27.16 25.42
        redirects to 
  http://www.ITARGET.COM 22.26 20.93
        redirects to     
  http://www.YIMG.COM 22.14 20.92
       jrgm finds that is a domain used by Yahoo to serve up images. 
There is as far as I know (or can connect to), although you can 
connect to one of their image servers at e.g., 21.16 19.87
     redirects to 17.79 16.13
       redirects to 
Summary: [meta] HTTP redirection bugs. → [meta] HTTP redirection bugs. - top slow loading pages doing redirection
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Keywords: perf

i don't think the remaining depencies listed above could account for the
poor performance numbers.  more likely, it is the fact that we proxy data
from the socket transport thread to the UI thread before HTTP gets a chance
to parse the data.  Some portion of HTTP's processing should really be moved
onto the socket transport thread, so that redirects could be processed more
immediately.  This is a considerable architectural change.
Depends on: 71653
Depends on: 70968
Depends on: 71211
all redirection related bugs taken care of... marking this as fixed. 
Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
No longer blocks: 64833
QA Contact: tever → junruh
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