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Update check for default mailer to work the new way (glib >= 2.27.1)


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I assume Thunderbird checks if it's the default mail application on start, in the same way Firefox does for the default browser application. This means that most of bug 624338 is valid for Thunderbird too, although.

Starting with glib 2.27.1, the way for an app to declare that it supports opening a URI scheme has changed: it used to be something living in gconf, and now we use the mime system with a mime type like x-scheme-handler/mailto. The old way doesn't work anymore.

glib 2.27/2.28 will be used in all distributions releasing in spring 2011.

See and the first part of for some more background.

Bug 624338 contains detailed steps based on the Firefox code to fix this. I haven't looked at the Thunderbird code, though, so I can't give the same detailed steps, but it should be straight-forward for anyone knowing the code.

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Would be nice to have this for 3.3 - so nominating blocker.
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Depends on: 611953
No longer depends on: 624530
Here is a patch which fixes this (note, that it depends on bug 611953 too)
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Use GIO for the default mail handler check

Standard8 might be a better reviewer for this.
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The core changes in bug 611953 missed Aurora for FF 5 where we're intending on release Miramar from, therefore we'll have to wait for these changes until the next release. I'll try and review the patch in a few days though.
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Chris, is there a way to test this on ubuntu 11.04? 

I'm trying with and without the patch and I'm not really seeing any difference...
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Use GIO for the default mail handler check

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Sorry this has taken so long to do. It looks fine now I've been able to test it and go through it in detail. r=Standard8.
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