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Resizes for single groups don't stick correctly, returning them to their userSize values


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Firefox 8


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When a window only has a single group and this window is resized down past the usersize, you observe some odd behavior where you momentarily see the group get resized to new bounds to fit the window, but then bounce back to its original size. Something odd is going on in the resize code in this case.

This is one non-pushAway cause of bug 587140.

This bug is a followup to bug 625269. The test for 625269 includes a TODO for this bug.
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Attached patch patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Item.pushAway() does strange things when called with only one top-level item. There's no need to even execute all this code when there's only one top-level item (that's what the patch does).

I refactored the whole test for bug 625269 (that covers this bug, too) because it didn't measure the group size correctly and was as a whole a bit unclear.
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patch v1

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looks good, r=me.
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Alas, browser_tabview_bug625269.js failed once on the try server. I extended it to wait until any css transition (if active) ended and check the group bounds after that.
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patch v2

*Sigh* still fails on try. Investigating.
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Reverted the changes from patch v2. There are no animations involved, silly me. The problem was that there can be multiple resize events and we need to wait until the target size has been reached.
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