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Master password dialog comes up twice at startup, 2nd instance accepts anything (nothing, wrong password, correct password)


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Windows XP
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TB3 is popping up a 2nd master password dialog at startup every time. This has been happening since I switched from TB2 to TB3 a year ago and is really getting annoying. It doesn't matter what I enter the 2nd time (nothing, correct password, wrong password), TB continues as if I had entered the password correctly the 2nd time. A Google search turns up lots of reports on this, though not all are exactly the same.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start TB3
2. (Master) password dialog pops up
3. Enter master password
4. (Master) password dialog pops up (2nd time)
5. Enter nothing or anything (wrong password ok)
Actual Results:  
TB proceeds to open mailboxes and download mail & sync Lightning to Google Calendar. Everything works fine.

Expected Results:  
I should only see a single master password dialog at startup.

I have no custom themes, just the default. I use the mostly the same addons that I used with TB2, and started happening before I added any new extensions. Everything except possibly "about-kittens" was installed with TB2 prior to upgrading to TB3. Current addons are:
-.vcs support
-about-kittens 0.5.0808 16
-Get before Send 0.8
-Identity Chooser 1.3
-Lighting 1.0b2
-LookOut 1.2.11
-Provider for Google Calendar 0.7.1
-United States English Spellchecker 5.0.1

My Addons also shows the AboutConfig 0.6 extension, but it is grayed-out (disabled)

I have no plugins installed.
I forgot to mention that I have five (5) different mail accounts that I access with TB3, but I had the same accounts when I used TB2. One is an IMAP account, the others are POP3 accounts.
What happens if you disable lightning ?
If I disable Lightning, it goes away (doing so also automatically disabled Provider for Google Calendar). When I re-enabled Lightning it came back. However, I had Lightning installed with versions 2.x of Thunderbird, and never had to deal with this.
Dupe of bug 349641, probably.
(In reply to comment #4)
> Dupe of bug 349641, probably.

Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
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