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autoconf-2.13's AC_CHECK_HEADER is too slow for some headers e.g. atlbase.h


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For some reason, redirecting output to NUL: is painfully slow on Windows. Even on a fast machine I can only get a throughput of 150KB/s while by comparison redirecting to a file or a pipe is 6.5MB/s.

autoconf-2.61 works around this by allowing you to compile the test file rather than merely preprocess it. We can use this instead for nearly all of our checks. There is one file, oleacc.idl, that we check for but isn't really a header.
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This patch only does boilerplate search/replace to; there are a number of places where the check is using AC_CHECK_HEADERS for one header or trying to pass a single-element list to AC_CHECK_HEADER or failing to use the optional parameters e.g. AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sdkddkver.h]) could probably become MOZ_CHECK_HEADER(sdkddkver.h, MOZ_WINSDK_MAXVER=0x06000000, MOZ_WINSDK_MAXVER=0x05020000).
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Possible patch

>+    MOZ_CHECK_HEADER(event.h,
>+        [if test ! -f "${LIBEVENT_DIR}/include/event.h"; then
>+            AC_MSG_ERROR([event.h found, but is not in ${LIBEVENT_DIR}/include])
>+        fi],
>+        AC_MSG_ERROR([--with-system-libevent requested but event.h not found]))
Whoops, my reindenting wasn't quite right. Sorry.
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Possible patch

This looks fine. (Not that I feel qualified to review M4 macros!)

Does this impact the speed of the checks on Linux at all? We are caching them, so it's probably not a huge problem, but I'd hate to regress perf there while fixing Windows perf.
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I'd be willing to trade a little Linux perf for some Windows perf :-P
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> Does this impact the speed of the checks on Linux at all?
Well, I got the idea from autoconf-2.61, so they must have thought it was OK.
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Can haz for 2.0?
No, but you can have right after.
Depends on: post2.0
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It turns out that fcfreetype.h expects you to include fontconfig.h first.
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