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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #630072 +++

Numbers for linux32 bit running w/ Flash:

                             Memory according to Ubuntu
about:home                 - 27M                  - 52M
after 200 quora DOMWindows - 430-460M

The initial load of Quora isn't bad. It's actually quite heavy in all browsers. But after clicking around for 200 DOMWindows in one tab in a debug build, our heap has grown out of control. Reading my debug logs, I don't see DocShell bloat, but I do see DOMWindow bloat.

I'll attach my shutdown log in a debug build. Notice the build shuts down cleanly (no leaks), but DOMWindows with very old serial numbers are still alive at shutdown. The last 10 DOMWindows destroyed are a grab bag:

--DOMWINDOW == 10 (0xad2cacc) [serial = 44] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 9 (0xbac54c4) [serial = 89] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 8 (0x9a671834) [serial = 62] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 7 (0x987fdc6c) [serial = 123] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 6 (0xc139a54) [serial = 100] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 5 (0xb3d40c4) [serial = 78] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 4 (0x94c7485c) [serial = 133] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(!(mAsyncExecutionThread)) failed: file /home/sayrer/dev/mozilla-central/storage/src/mozStorageConnection.cpp, line 674
--DOMWINDOW == 3 (0x9a31ecc) [serial = 7] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 2 (0x9ecf0a74) [serial = 112] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 1 (0xa4af277c) [serial = 200] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
--DOMWINDOW == 0 (0xe3781e4) [serial = 192] [outer = (nil)] [url =]
I split off part 4. Fix for this in a sec.
OS: Windows CE → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: bloats out of control, part 4: wrapper proto keeps old window salive → bloats out of control, part 4: wrapper proto keeps old windows alive
Assignee: nobody → gal
Patch in hand, asserts in chrome tests. Trying to reproduce.
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Sent to try.
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isCrossCompartmentWrapper is broken, I removed it and replaced it with ->flags() & CROSS_COMPARTMENT. Sent to try again.
Here is the assert jst got:

Command line to reproduce:

python --chrome --test-path=js/src/xpconnect/tests/chrome --debugger=gdb

The wrapper is:

(gdb) x/a $2->getProxyHandler()
0x7ffff7bb9e40 <_ZN25JSCrossCompartmentWrapper9singletonE>:	0x7ffff7b006d0 <_ZTV25JSCrossCompartmentWrapper+16>

(gdb) p $2->getProto()
$3 = (JSObject *) 0x7fffd2128478
(gdb) call js_DumpObject($3)
object 0x7fffd2128478
class 0x7ffff7b6fa00 Proxy
flags: delegate
not native
proto <XPC_WN_ModsAllowed_NoCall_Proto_JSClass object at 0x7fffd212b9f8>
parent <Window object at 0x7fffd2123798>

The prototype of the wrapper is a window object. This is a weird sandbox wrapper. This is really ugly. Wrappers should only have wrappers as proto. I will stop the parent-adjustment-along-the-proto-chain once we hit a non-wrapper object.
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peterv, can you please review the change in the bug? (abort if we hit a non-wrapper along the proto chain) and then land the patch for me? And then lets see if we still leak with your editor patch. I can't reproduce any InstallTrigger-related leaks with this applied (plus the patch I already landed on TM). If you still see us keep InstallTrigger alive I need some STR. You said its the getter somehow?
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Can I help schedule a call between all the relevant folks on these 4 bugs, so that we work through remaining issues more synchronously?  Time isn't on our side, and hours-latency of bugmail responses isn't on the side of time.
Peterv and I have a round-the-clock thing going on here. I handed off at 2am. I am back to collect results (see other bug, leak is fixed).
I've been trying to track down a remaining window leak, but still working on figuring it out.

        --[XPCWrappedNativeScope::mGlobalJSObject]-> 0x7fffccdac2d0 [JS Object (Window) (global=7fffccdac2d0)]
        --[InstallTrigger getter]-> 0x7fffccdd0c38 [JS Object (Proxy) (global=7fffccdac2d0)]
        --[wrappedObject]-> 0x7fffd1a7de70 [JS Object (Function) (global=7fffdeb35f30)]
        --[upvars[0]]-> 0x7fffdebba0d0 [JS Object (Proxy) (global=7fffe0734510)]
        --[proto]-> 0x7fffd4762e38 [JS Object (Proxy) (global=7fffe0734510)]
        --[proto]-> 0x7fffd4762dd0 [JS Object (Proxy) (global=7fffe0734510)]
        --[wrappedObject]-> 0x7fffd47701b0 [JS Object (Object) (global=7fffd4770120)]
        --[parent]-> 0x7fffd4770120 [JS Object (Window) (global=7fffd4770120)]
        --[xpc_GetJSPrivate(obj)]-> 0x7fffd80ba3c0 [XPCWrappedNative (Window)]
        --[mIdentity]-> 0x7fffd4427878 [nsGlobalWindow]
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r=jst, and gal says mrbkap reviewed all of this except the last bit about stopping when finding a non-wrapper on the proto chain.
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Andreas' patch landed:

Leaving bug open for now to track any remaining issues, or feel free to file new bugs if that's more appropriate here.
Whiteboard: [hardblocker][has patch] → [hardblocker]

Closing, please file new bugs.
Closed: 9 years ago
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Whiteboard: [hardblocker] → [hardblocker], fixed-in-tracemonkey
Depends on: 634236
Keywords: mlk
No longer blocks: mlk2.0
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