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Quick Filter bar capability to select on ONLY the one chosen criteria (Shift+Click?)


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I love the quick filter in Thunderbird, which filters the current pane.

However, the more you use it, the more one thing becomes irritating.
Almost all quick searches you ever want to do, are on a single field, not multiple.
So when you click a search filter button (eg. "Subject") you really want the other buttons that are on (eg. "Sender") to toggle off automatically. For the very odd occasions that multiple fields are actually wanted, shift-clicking a button should provide this.

This would greatly increase the usability.

If it is felt that some people would really like the current way of doing things where you click a field and the existing fields keep their on-state, then a config option should be provided to choose whether on-fields stay on or not when a quick filter field is clicked.


Reproducible: Always
neat idea. 

It could also serve as workaround to starting over or "clearing" what's currently set when someone has made many selections. I'm not sure which would make more sense - having a function that clears the entire bar, or a discrete action that always only selects one criteria and you adjust from there.

Do we already have a bug on this?
OS: Windows XP → All
Summary: Quick Filter - Shift Click Button → Quick Filter bar capability to select on ONLY the one chosen criteria (Shift+Click?)
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