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8 years ago
Eventually we'll upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.12.10

This release is not yet ready, but I'm filing this bug early, for tracking of depdencies.


8 years ago
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8 years ago
Posted file Beta upgrade action
We are very close to releasing NSPR 4.8.8 and NSS 3.12.10
We performed QA, both NSS QA and mozilla-central try server builds.

The only remaining issue is NSPR patch bug 645459, which causes a build failure on OSX 64 bit.

I have backed out that patch.

I have verbal agreement (review) from Wan-Teh Chang, Bob Relyea and Brian Smith that we want to land these betas into mozilla-central.

I don't attach a patch. It's large, instead, I'm attaching the tags/commands that are used to land this patch.
Assignee: nobody → kaie
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8 years ago
I expect that the final releases can be landed within the next couple of days. Most likely, the only change will be the version numbers embedded in the files.

I want to land these nearly-final-betas now, because they are blocking other work (respindola pushes me to get this done).

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8 years ago
landed betas:

backout on top:

Because I made that backout on nspr trunk, I didn't add information to the tree about the backout.

Keeping bug open, because we to land the final versions, soon.

Glandium has asked me to upgrade a snapshot newer than nspr-beta3, because he is waiting for another patch to configure. But the latest nspr trunk hasn't been tested with tryserver yet, I didn't want to skip my tested snapshot, and I didn't want to tag an updated beta without having asked you.

Are you going to tag a beta 4?

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8 years ago
sorry, had to back things out, because of confusion around bug 345094

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8 years ago
relanded the beta versions:

This time it appears to stick.

I will keep this bug open.
We will very soon have the final release of NSPR/NSS.
It's expected that only the version names inside the files will change.

I will land the changes to the final version within the next days.

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8 years ago
I pushed NSPR_4_8_8_RTM to mozilla-central:

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8 years ago
There were no code changes between the beta version (that has already landed on mozilla-central a while ago) and the final release version.

This patch is necessary to bring the version numbers in synch with the final release, it was produced using

cvs -q rdiff -u -r NSS_3_12_10_BETA1 -r NSS_3_12_10_RTM mozilla/dbm mozilla/security/dbm mozilla/security/coreconf mozilla/security/nss

(plus the TAG-INFO file that we keep in synch).

Given that there are no code changes, r=me
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8 years ago
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8 years ago
I pushed the missing version number to change to 3.12.10 final.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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