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An admin should be able to:

1. Select a target application & maxVersion of add-ons to test (such as 4.0.*)

2. Select a new maxVersion to bump to (such as 5.* or 6.*)

3. Choose whether to email authors for [x] passes [x] fails

4. Enter copy for each email type with substitutable variables for the add-on name, add-on version number, link to update compatibility, unsubscribe copy and link, and link to compatibility check results page.

5. Select the compatibility test groups to run (e.g. Firefox 5, Firefox 6) - see bug 649863

6. Option to do a dry run that doesn't change compatibility or email anyone

7. Hit a button that will:
* Look at the latest version of all *active* add-ons that have the maxVersion specified
* Run the specified compatibility test groups
* If nothing is flagged (the add-on passes), bump that version's maxVersion to the specified version as long as it's greater than or equal to the minVersion and email the author if selected
* If things are flagged (the add-on fails), don't touch the version's compatibility and email the author if selected

8. Output a log of all add-ons tested, validator output, and the changes that are made.

Do not assume the new maxVersion will always be higher than the current maxVersion. For example, if we back something out of 5.0a2, we might run this on 5.0a2 compatible add-ons with a new target of 4.0.* in order to downgrade compatibility of add-ons that make use of the new feature that's no longer available. We would select to email only fails in this case.

The unsubscribe copy and link will say: You are receiving this email as the registered author of {ADDON_NAME} on If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please disable your add-on from the Developer Hub at

These emails are *not* tied to the compatibility notification pref and are not optional for active add-ons.


Sample email that might be sent for a failure:

Dear add-on author,

While testing add-ons for compatibility with the upcoming release of Firefox 5, we detected some potential compatibility issues with your add-on {ADDON_NAME}. You can view these result here: {RESULTS_LINK}

Because of these issues, we were not able to automatically mark your add-on as compatible with Firefox 5.*. Please look into these issues and upload a new version if necessary. If you've tested your add-on and no changes are required, you can update your compatibility to Firefox 5.* here: {COMPAT_LINK}

To learn more about Firefox 5, please visit

Thank you,
Firefox Add-ons team


See for more info on the new compatibility process.
Depends on: 650389, 650391
Let's get started on this in .7
Assignee: nobody → kumar.mcmillan
Target Milestone: Q2 2011 → 6.0.7
Target Milestone: 6.0.7 → 6.0.8
Target Milestone: 6.0.8 → 6.0.9
Bumping for blocker bugs.  So far there is
Target Milestone: 6.0.9 → 6.0.10
This turned into a tracking bug earlier and has had all the dependencies fixed.  Now it's just in the way.  The other bugs open in .10 need doing but we're all pretty aware of which ones those are. -> fixed
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Graveyard
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