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[Pinstripe] Make the filterdialog and the advanced search dialogs look better


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Thunderbird 8.0


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Attached patch Tweak search/filter dialogs (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is basically a port of the work I've done for seamonkey (clarkbw and I talked about this for a while ago). The most visible effect is the new buttons.

This also includes my proposal in bug 621546. It's all about these lines:
+#searchTermList {
+  -moz-user-focus: ignore;
+#searchTermList > listitem[selected="true"] {
+  background-color: inherit;

The last rule was in the original patch, that sort worsened the problem with no focus indication when you tabbed to the listbox. By adding the "ignore", the tab order is skipped for the listbox (see bug 621546 for more info). Another alternative is to remove the above rules.
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Tweak search/filter dialogs

I noticed that I missed one listbox. I'll re-visit this when I'm back from holiday.
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OK, so we decided to put bug 621546 on hold - we should probably fix the xul instead. So, this patch is basically what's we have in SeaMonkey atm (with the problem of keyboard navigation).
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clarkbw: Do you want me to take this ui-review instead?
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In line with current SeaMonkey

I'll pass this over to Andreas since I don't have a working build.
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In line with current SeaMonkey

Look good! I like this style!
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In line with current SeaMonkey

Thanks Andreas. Giving the r? to Mark.
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In line with current SeaMonkey

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Hey Stefan,

I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this.  On the plus side, I'm happy with the code, so r=me.  :)

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