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Remove modules/lib7z/ since it was only used for the WinCE installer


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Windows CE
Not set





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(1 file, 1 obsolete file)

Bug 652445 removed the following from toolkit/

@@ -90,20 +87,16 @@ ifndef MOZ_NATIVE_BZ2
-ifeq ($(OS_ARCH),WINCE)
-tier_platform_dirs += modules/lib7z

This now makes modules/lib7z/ unused (as far as I can tell, but am running past try to be sure):

-> 438 files can be hg rm'd :-D
Depends on: 652445
The first MXR link above should instead be:
Attached patch Remove modules/lib7z/ (obsolete) — Splinter Review

Blassey, once lib7z is removed, do you know if /other-licenses/7zstub/src/ is still used? This MXR search implies not...

Just wondered if I can take it out at the same time - thanks! :-)
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(In reply to comment #2)
> Remove modules/lib7z/
I don't think its used elsewhere, but I don't see any reason to remove it either
If it's not used why does it need to be kept?

Dead code is unnecessary clutter that only serves to make the tree appear even more complicated to newcomers & is another 440 files that have to be searched when greping the tree for something else. 

If it is ever wanted in the future, well that's the whole point of a VCS. That and I'm sure the 3rd party code is out of date by now and would need to be updated from upstream anyway - so there's no point keeping this old version around.
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Only change is updated commit message to include the r=bsmedberg.
Carrying forwards r+.

Ready for check in (passed try in comment 3).
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